Aces set to take flight

New Maritime Junior A Hockey League entry honours region’s history and culture

Published on April 10, 2014
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The Maritime Junior A Hockey League’s new St. Stephen-based team is paying tribute to the community’s hockey past and the region’s history with its nickname, logo and team colours.


The Aces are preparing for puck drop in the fall of this year at the brand new Garcelon Civic Center in St. Stephen. The new team will sport uniforms dominated by blue and green with white and grey highlights.

The Aces logo features a bold and action-packed ACES font underscored by a screaming fighter jet and accented with a hockey puck emblazoned with a Maple Leaf and surrounded by three shining stars – representing the club’s border location and it’s Canadian and US fan and player base.

“Our group has spent a lot of time together building the business case for a team and putting some on-ice plans in place and in those discussions, our identity emerged. The Aces started to feel right and the name really connects with our communities,” said John Hyslop, team president.

“The colours also pay tribute to our culture with blue representing water and green representing forests,” he said.

The Aces name has some deep meaning in St. Stephen and throughout the region. The St. Stephen Aces were a popular hockey team that captured the community’s enthusiasm and brought a New Brunswick Intermediate C Championship to the Border Town in 1963.

There’s also an Aces connection to the Eastern part of the county and the Royal Canadian Air Force / Royal Air Force training base at Pennfield Ridge. The base was used for pilot training from 1941 through the end of the Second World War.


“We’re excited about a new team and a new arena and an entirely new brand of hockey for this area,” Hyslop said. “But we’re also excited and proud to be able to connect this new venture to our past. We want to honour those who came before us.”