New Glasgow Karate Club has lots to celebrate

Published on April 30, 2014
Pictured are several members of the New Glasgow Karate Club as well as a few members from the Ken Sen Kan Karate club. In the front row are Sensei Russel Hovey and Sensei Cherry Whitaker, dojo (club) heads. 

The New Glasgow Karate Club has been busy over the last few months with several happenings and gradings.

Gradings took part in Chito Ryu karate with Christena Mattatall receiving her yellow belt, Paul MacPherson and Brenda Scully receiving their green belts, and Jason Pelley receiving his blue belt. Tony Robson-Gillis from juniors class also received his yellow belt.

Sensei Rick Whitaker was presented with a plaque and a gift from the club to celebrate his 25 years in karate.

The club also welcomed some members of the Ken Sen Kan Karate Club from Shubenacadie. Fighting drills and refereeing drills were the main focus of this interaction. Several members of the New Glasgow Karate Club went to Shubenacadie for another kumite clinic with members from several clubs taking part.

Five NGKC members travelled to Halifax for an invitational Chito Ryu karate tournament and came home with several medals. Tournament participants were Scully, Beverly Turner, Pelley, Sebastian Turner and Maddox Fields.

The club also held an in-house adult class ninja turtle tournament (normally only done in kids class) where Brent Cameron took first place, Robin Rorison-Fraser took second and Paige Hughes placed third.

Most recently the club had a special guest from P.E.I., Sensei Ken Roper, a fifth-degree black belt and shihan (teacher) in Chito Ryu karate and a second-degree black belt in Ryukyu Kobujutsu (martial arts weapons). He worked with various belt levels, honing their skills. He also performed gradings for members. Ben Whitaker and Evan Fraser successfully challenged for their green belts in weapons and were presented with new belts and certificates. Earlier in the week, Mattatall was awarded her yellow belt in weapons.

During the Town of New Glasgow’s volunteer appreciation night four black belts (Rick Whitaker, Volker Klum, Ben Whitaker and Robin Rorison-Fraser) from the club were recognized for their volunteer efforts in the club.

The juniors class has been busy preparing for an in-house tournament as well as preparing for another tournament in Halifax. They are also preparing for gradings taking place over the next several weeks.

The juniors class follows the school year, while the adults train all year. Classes take part on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6:40-9 p.m. (juniors are for one hour).

Sunday mornings are usually reserved for weapons training (9:30-11:30 a.m.)

The club is run by Sensei Cherry Whitaker, fourth degree black belt and Shihan. For more information you can find the club on Facebook or email or