Earle family celebrated in Trenton

50th annual road races continued to showcase a family-focused day

Christopher Cameron ccameron@ngnews.ca
Published on May 19, 2014

TRENTON – Although Prince Charles and Camilla only drove through Trenton yesterday, Trenton’s “royal family” was honoured after the 50th running of the Joe Earle Road Races.

The Earle family was recognized for their accomplishment in continuing what their father Joe started 50 years ago.

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“Although the royals are flying into Trenton for a short time today, Trenton’s royal family has been here for over 50 years,” said mayor Glen MacKinnon during the banquet.

“It says a lot (about the event) when you see everybody come back to run each and every year and the dedicated volunteers that keep coming back. It says a lot about what it means to Trenton and Pictou County.”

MacKinnon and the Town of Trenton created a giant plaque that will be placed at Scotia Park to commemorate the 50th anniversary. Multiple members of the Earle family were teary-eyed as the town made the presentation.

Pictou Centre MLA Pat Dunn echoed MacKinnon’s comments.

“I don’t know how you thank them for the dedication they’ve shown over the years to running in the community,” said Dunn. “I don’t think we always realized, but that’s 50 consecutive long weekends over your life dedicated to this event. There is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into this and we can’t thank them enough.”

Dunn also told a story about a day 51-years-ago when he was talking with Joe on Main Street in Trenton. He was talking about starting the road races and the need for them in the community.

“I remember him saying that everyone can race and that really stuck with me.”

This year was expected to be the last year for the races as VJ, Karen and Doug had all said they wouldn’t be continuing on as organizers. When VJ’s sons Brad and Vernon heard this was going to happen they discussed taking it over, which they will, beginning next year.

“When dad said a year or two ago that they were thinking of just getting to their goal of 50 years and giving it up at first I thought he was joking, but when we realized they were serious we decided to take over and run it ourselves,” said Vernon. “We will continue to keep it going as long as we have the money for it.”

Roger LeFrank, a long-time friend of Joe, spoke during the banquet about how excited he is that the event will go on. With LeFrank and his family being regulars at the event, he was sad at the possibility it would be ending.

“I came today prepared to be sad, that it was the end after 50 years,” he said. “When I heard that Joe’s grandchildren were taking it over it was the most beautiful thing I could’ve heard today.

“When I saw all the faces of those children today with all the excitement I looked up at Joe today and said ‘you’ve still got it.’”



Baxter MacArthur Memorial (Open mens mile)

1. Drew LeFrank, Timberlea, 4:18; 2. Scott Langille, New Glasgow, 4:45; 3. Sebastian Young, Halifax, 4:50


Hartling Family Memorial (Open girls mile, 15 and under)

1. Lauren Liem, Bedford, 5:01; 2. Lauren Quann, Pictou, 5:03; 3. Ellen MacDonald, Hammonds Plains, 5:37


Gloria Clark Memorial (Open womens mile)

1. Kali Coulier, Bedford, 5:50; 2. Bonnie LeFrank, Halifax, 5:58; 3. Darlene Alexander, Abercrombie, 6:21


Carl MacDougall Memorial (Open boys mile, 15 and under)

1. Peter Corbin, Linacy, 4:43; 2. Ethan MacDonald, New Glasgow, 5:15; 3. Mark Chisholm, Antigonish, 6:05


The Boyles Memorial (1/8 mile, 4 and under boys)

1. Wyatt MacDonald, New Glasgow; 2. Ewan Sim, Chance Harbour; 3. Brody Fanning, Trenton


The Elda Earle Memorial (1/8 mile, 4 and under girls)

1. Lexie MacIntyre, Westville; 2. Amika Felderhof, Chance Harbour; 3. Lily Slade, New Glasgow


Donald Gabby MacDonald Memorial (1/4 mile, 6 and under boys)

1. William Delorey, Antigonish, 1:43; 2. Liam Carter, Trenton, 1:44; 3. Luke Burns, Stellarton, 1:46


Mackie Jenkins Memorial (1/4 mile, 6 and under girls)

Amelia MacCallum, New Glasgow, 1:41; 2. Chloe Ferguson, Westville, 1:54; 3. Ada White, Thorburn, 1:56


Bobby Gill Memorial (1/2 mile, boys seven-years-old)

1. Kysac MacDonald, Hammonds Plains, 3:22; 2. Landon Steele, New Glasgow, 3:33; 3. Braydon Johnston, Pictou, 3:38


The Cromwell Memorial (1/2 mile, girls seven-years-old)

1. Anna Kennaley, Bridgeville, 3:58; 2. Rihana MacKay, Plymouth, 4:00; 3. Lindy Fraser, Sutherlands River, 4:24


Paul MacDonald Memorial (1/2 mile, boys eight-years-old)

1. Jax Graham, Trenton, 3:11; 2. Nicholas Delorey, Antigonish, 3:12; 3. Lucas MacDonald, Stellarton, 3:38


William Tanner Memorial (1/2 mile, girls eight-years-old)

1. Avery LeBlanc, New Glasgow, 3:30; 2. Alexis Tulloch, New Glasgow, 3:46; 3. Nastasha Hahn, Pictou, 3:50


The MacNeil Family Memorial (1/2 mile, girls nine-years-old)

1. Cara MacDonald, Trenton, 3:17; 2. Lily Sullivan, New Glasgow, 3:42; 3. Josie Dunn, Greenhill, 3:43


Johnny Cooke Memorial (1/2 mile, boys nine-years-old)

1. Landon Sim, Chance Harbour, 3:02; 2. Willem Fraser, Stellarton, 3:09; 3. Luke Perrin, New Glasgow, 3:45


Burton Luddington Memorial (1/2 mile, girls 10-years-old)

1. Siona Chisholm, Antigonish, 3:06; 2. Jordan Ferguson, Westville, 3:41; 3. Sarah Brown, New Glasgow, 3:44


Charlie Stevens Memorial (1/2 mile, boys 10-years-old)

1. Cash Bertola, Halifax, 3:13; 2. Ian Reynolds, New Glasgow, 3:14; 3. Aiden Hahn, Pictou, 3:15


Andre Roussey Memorial (1/2 mile, girls ages 11-12)

1. Abby Lou MacDonald, Hammonds Plains, 2:59; 2. Hannah Fraser, Stellarton, 3:03; 3. Jayden Palmer, Thorburn, 3:10


Jock Wilson Stevens Memorial (1/2 mile, boys ages 11-12)

1. Ethan MacDonald, New Glasgow, 2:45; 2. Cody LeBlanc, New Glasgow, 2:59; 3. Kaileb Clarke, Trenton, 3:10


Doug MacInnis Memorial (1/2 mile, girls ages 13-14)

1. Lauren Liem, Bedford, 2:51; 2. Ellen MacDonald, Hammonds Plains, 3:00; 3. Paige MacDonald, Trenton, 3:17


Jim MacArthur Memorial (1/2 mile, boys ages 13-14)

1. Liam Chisholm, Kenzieville, 2:59; 2. Eric Hughes, Pictou, 3:00; 3. Mark Chisholm, Antigonish, 3:01


Joan Carrigan Memorial (Five mile, women 14-35)

1. Jenny Anderson, Antigonish, 34:25; 2. Jessica Zentner, Woodburn, 34:42; 3. Kali Caulier, Bedford, 36:01


Raymond Pentz Memorial (Five mile, women 36 and over)

1. Debbie MacDonald, New Glasgow, 35:19; 2. Melanie MacCara, New Glasgow, 38:57; 3. Cindy Fraser, Merigomish, 42:27


Nonnie Morgan Memorial (Five mile, men 14-35)

1. Peter Corbin, Linacy, 31:56; 2. Ian MacDonald, Trenton, 32:01; 3. Scott Langille, New Glasgow, 32:33


Doucette Family Memorial (Five mile, men 36-49)

1. Shawn Noftall, New Glasgow, 32:38; 2. Darrell Spears, New Glasgow, 33:04; 3. Hugh Munore, Merigomish, 33:14


Dennis Lawless Memorial (Five mile, men 50 and Over)

1. Dave MacLennan, Scotsburn, 29:03; 2. Jim Lays, Westville, 33:24; 3. Joe Pound, Westville, 33:33


Douglas V. MacDonald Memorial (Five mile, Canadian Armed Forces)

1. Ross Landry, Trenton, 42:14