Turnout exceeds expectations at inaugural True Grit Race

Published on May 4, 2014

TRENTON – North Nova Education Centre is still close to Neil MacKinnon’s heart.

The former athletic director of the New Glasgow-based school has been retired for two years, but still likes to support the Gryphons when he can.

Sunday his plan was simply to support the school at their inaugural True Grit Race, but he also ended up being honoured for the inspiration for the event. The name came from the True Grit Award, which was created in MacKinnon’s honour when he retired.

“I was just thinking of coming out to run in support of the athletic council when they told me they were going to put on the run,” he said. “They never said anything about honouring me or making me the honourary chair. It was a great day. I never thought I’d get recognized for something to do with running. I try and I’m dedicated, but I’m no good at it.”

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It is the athletic programs at North Nova, which he was a major part of in his time at the school, that receive all the funds collected from the event’s entry fees.

“They (athletic council) are a very thoughtful group and I’ve remained good friends with them,” said MacKinnon. “They’re always looking for ways to improve things for the kids. In order to keep up with ‘the Joneses’ you need to generate revenue to buy new equipment and update facilities. This was a great idea to do that.”

Shane Hampton, the current athletic director at the school, said their organizing committee was thrilled to not only see NNEC students out, but members of the community.

Coming into the event their goal was 100, which they thought might be tough to achieve in their first year. When they checked their final tally on Sunday morning they had 155 runners that took part.

“It exceeded any plans we had and now we know how we can build on this for next year,” he said. “We have our sights already on next year on ways to make it bigger and badder.”

The event wouldn’t have been possible without a number of people, but Hampton singled out two in particular. He said it was Lia Lewis’ vision and without her that it wouldn’t have kept its momentum and became a reality. Hampton also added that Terry Curley’s support, through the Johnny Miles Marathon committee, made the event as seamless as it was.

Peter Corbin, winner of the 5k race, said that it was exciting to see so many people out having fun and getting to enjoy the park.

“It was definitely nice to have it here on the trails,” said Corbin. “It was an awesome day and I was glad it was open to anyone. If you like running there is no competition needed. It’s just great for your cardio and something you can do for yourself to get active.

“It was a great race and hopefully there will be even more people out next year.”




Top 25 – 5k

1. Peter Corbin 18:19

2. Ian MacDonald 18:31

3. Ethan MacDonald 19:34

4. Brady Walsh 20:45

5. Debbie MacDonald 20:56

6. Crystal Murray 21:02

7. Bailey Fraser 21:53

8. Brianne Sandluck 21:55

9. Mark Arbuckle 22:02

10. Adam White 22:05

11. Scott Graham 22:58

12. Allistar Mason 22:58

13. Jason Johnson 23:46

14. Ken Hetherington 24:23

15. Cal Lewis 24:25

16. Melanie Hill 24:38

17. Aaron Smith 24:55

18. Duncan Byrne 25:16

19. Maddie MacDonald 25:26

20. Brianna Snell 25:57

21. Kayla VanVulpen 25:57

22. Emily Wilson 25:58

23. Colby Snell 25:58

24. Allie Sandluck 26:02

25. Keeley MacCuish 26:15


Top 25 – 10k

1. Dave MacLennan 35:10

2. Scott Langille 38:41

3. Jim Lays 41:46

4. Bill MacEachern 42:03

5. Kevin Tulloch 43:02

6. Corey Fraser 44:07

7. Dana McIvor 44:41

8. Emily MacDonald 44:47

9. Jessica Zentner 45:10

10. Clare Munroe 45:31

11. Dave MacNeil 46:11

12. Paul Butler 46:56

13. Ed Bowden 47:29

14. Carolyn Mason 47:52

15. Melanie MacCara 48:24

16. Darrell Spears 48:24

17. Jenna MacDonald 48:55

18. Sam Cameron 48:56

19. Jodi Matlock 49:01

20. Rachel Graham 49:13

21. Naomi Zentner 49:17

22. Colin MacDonald 49:51

23. Trevor Fancy 50:01

24. Emily Morton 50:09

25. Patrick Wilmot 50:57