Nighthawks hand out athletic awards

Published on June 12, 2014
Major sport award winners pose for a photo after the annual Northumberland Regional High School Nighthawk Celebration. From left: Juliana Ali, female athlete of the year; Johnny Skinner and Cara MacIvor, Haughan Memorial Sportsmanship Award winners; and Brennan Snell, Dan Dorrington Memorial Award.

Juliana Ali and Josh Langille were the major sport award winners at the Northumberland Regional High School Nighthawk Celebration.

The pair were named the athletes of the year, recognizing their outstanding athletic ability and contribution to school sports.

Jordan Johnson and Nick MacCallum were the recipients of the NRHS Athletic Banner, which is awarded to male and female graduating students who have exhibited outstanding aptitude and passion for competitive sports.

The Haughan Memorial Sportsmanship Award was presented to Cara MacIvor and Johnny Skinner for their outstanding contribution to school athletics.

The full list of awards is listed below:


Player of the year: James Tripiat



Top fielder: John Lewis

Top hitter: Kane Hemphill

MVP: Evan MacDonald


Basketball (varsity boys)

Coach’s award: Nick MacCallum

Most dedicated: Jonah Haight

MVP: Nick MacNeill


Basketball (varsity girls)

Most improved: Hannah Mertin

MVP: Sally Bates


Basketball (JV girls)

Best offensive player: Brandon Sharpe

Best defensive player: Jessica Deagle

Most improved: Marianne Torvanger


Cross country

Top male: Dylan Hiltz

Top female: Katie Warren

Coach’s award: Gabriel Riberio



Most dedicated: Caitlyn Gray

Most improved: Paige Mathias

Coach’s award: Jessica MacKenzie


Field lacrosse

Leadership and dedication: Johnny Skinner

MVP: Andrew Vale

Coach’s award: Sam Elliot



Girls MVP: Emily Cyr

Boys MVP: Ryan Sutherland

Girls coach’s award: Shelby MacLennan

Boys coach’s award: Ryan Lochead


Hockey (varsity boys)

Top defensive: Josh Langille

Top offensive: Dallas MacDonald

Top rookie: Lance Emery

Dan Dorrington Memorial Award: Brennan Snell


Hockey (varsity girls)

Rookie of the year: Karlee Carson

MVP: Annika Mason

Coach’s award: Lindsey Cheek


Rugby (varsity girls)

MVP offence award: Jessica Deagle

MVP defence award: Victoria MacKenzie

Rugby Heart Award: Areta Boone


Rugby (varsity boys)

MVP forwards: Brady Williams

MVP backs: Jacob Reid

Rookie of the year: Maynard Wilson


Ski team

Top male: Thomas Bucher

Coach’s award: Dylan DeYoung and Cara MacIvor


Snowboard team

Top female: Olivia Langille

Rookie of the year: Lexie Trevors

Coach’s award: Aldo Orsi


Soccer (varsity boys)

Leadership: Devon Cook

Heart and Soul: Rielly Fortune

Unsung hero: James MacKenzie


Soccer (JV boys)

Most valuable rookie: Jacob Read

Bruce Wheadon Memorial: Ricky Sutherland

MVP: Colin Bain


Soccer (varsity girls)

Most dedicated: Juliana Ali

MVP: Lauren Hale

Coach’s award: Cara MacIvor


Soccer (JV girls)

Sportsmanship: Kelsey Robson

Most improved: Marianne Torvanger

MVP: Caitlyn Gray



Top offensive: Brandon Sharpe

Top defensive: Hannah Richards

MVP: Kara Mason


Track and Field

Dedicated effort: Sean MacNiell

Heart and soul: Sally Bates

Coach’s award: Tatum MacLean


Ultimate Frisbee

Spirit awards: Sarah Carrigan, Brandon Bell and Gillis Cox


Volleyball (varsity girls)

Top offensive: Arianna Gammon

Most dedicated: Rylee McLean

MVP for provincials: Katie Nickerson

Cathy Currie Award: Jamie Crocket


Volleyball (Grade 9)

Most improved: Lacey Allen

MVP: Tatum McLean

Coach’s award: Courtney Cruickshank


NSSAF awards

International Students Participation Award: Sarah Rabiega, Two Hasdee, James Tripipat, Shark Hasdee, Lacin Poroy, Maria Trvanger and Carlos Acevedo

Exemplary Participation Awards: Cara MacIvor (female), Nick MacCallum (male) and Mr. Colin Todd (coach)

Good sport award: Hannah Mertin and Tyler MacLennan


NRHS Athletic Banner: Jordan Johnson and Nick MacCallum


Haughan Memorial Sportsmanship Award: Cara MacIvor and Johnny Skinner


Jared Ryan Memorial Award: Isabelle Bennett and Nick MacNeill


Male athlete of the year: Josh Langille

Female athlete of the year: Juliana Ali