New award to honour longtime coach and athlete

Published on June 14, 2014
An award is being created for the new New Glasgow Academy – The Mark Arbuckle Dedication to Panther Athletics Award. Pictured from left are: Shane Pitts, Bob Ballantyne, Mark Arbuckle, Allison Wilson and Peter White. 

A new award was started as the New Glasgow Junior High held its 2014 Non Academic Awards this week.


The Mark Arbuckle Dedication to Panther Athletics Award is the first award that will be presented as part of the new “New Glasgow Academy”.

Arbuckle has been a part of the Panther community for over 25 years, 20 as a coach and six as an athlete. He has coached basketball, softball, track, cross country, soccer, and volleyball.

Earlier in his career he put countless hours into organizing the district track and field event.

Presenting the Award to Mark were three of the principals he has served under during his time at New Glasgow SR./JR. High.

Also at the awards, the top male and female athlete of the year were named. They were: Courtney Smith and Matthew Murray.




Athletic Awards


Girls Soccer

MVP: Kaitlyn Dunn/Jenna Burrows

Coaches Award: Olivia Murray/Lyndsay MacIvor


Boys Soccer

MVP: Matt Murray/ Isaac MacDonald

Coaches Award: Gage Hill/ Carson Ripoll


Cross Country

MVP: Matt Chediac/Kaitlin Kelly

Coaches Award: Oliver Schnare/Jake Martin


Girls Volleyball

MVP: Breanna Lodge

Coaches Award: Olivia Murray



MVP: Sophia Wornell

Coaches: Award: Jensen Arsenault


Girls A Basketball

MVP: Riley Sood/Katelyn Biron

Coaches Award: Abbey Delaney/Lucia MacKay


Girls B Basketball

MVP: Brianna Snell/Kendyl MacDonald

Coaches Award: Paige Best/Kaylee vanVulpen


Boys Basketball

MVP: Austin Williams/Bailey MacDonald

Coaches Award: Chad Russell/Chris Gillin


Girls Badminton

MVP: Jensen Arsenault

Coaches Award: Jaime Pike


Boys Badminton

MVP: Austin Williams

Coaches Award: Logan Quinn


Girls Track and Field

MVP: Camryn Halliday

Coaches Award: Hailey Fahie


Boys Slo-pitch

MVP: Matthew Murray

Coaches Award: Cameron MacGillivray


Girls Softball

MVP: Caitlin Taylor

Coaches Award: Kennedi Atwell



MVP: Jake Martin/Luke Pelton

Coaches Award: Amanda Dunning/Camryn Halliday