Third annual road race continues past success

Published on June 29, 2014

ABERCROMBIE – It’s still early in the history of the race, but cyclists love it – if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

Pictou County Cycle celebrated the third year of their road race on Sunday with roughly 100 in attendance, on par with last year’s event.

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“Everyone seems to love this one because this has some of the best roads,” said Clint Snell, race organizer and owner of Pictou County Cycle, about out of town cyclists.

“Some of the other races have really bad roads, but people seem to really enjoy this course. There are a few good hills in it, so it’s challenging. Overall people seem to really love it.”

He added that the weather likely played a part in a slight increase from last years numbers. They had 112 in the inaugural year, but dipped below 100 in 2013.

The idea for the race came because of the growth of cycling both in the county and the province according to Snell. He started a mountain bike race prior to the road race’s inception and decided that it would be a good addition to the county cycling scene.

“I’ve been racing for quite awhile and I think that a lot of the people here have been training hard, so I wanted to do something for them and put on a race,” said Snell. “We do a mountain bike event and I thought well, we might as well do a road race.”

Locally he said there were at least four new Pictou County riders this year, although he expected there were possibly as many as seven new county participants. He said that goes hand-in-hand with the increase in interest at his store.

“Cycling is picking up all the time, especially over the last few years,” he said. “Cycling has become more popular and we’re definitely starting to notice it. It’s not so much of a summer thing anymore; it’s late into the fall, training in the winter or starting earlier in the spring. It’s been great.”

As with most, if not all, sporting events in the county, Snell said they couldn’t have a successful event without a number of volunteers.

“I have to say a big thank you to all the volunteers because you cannot have this race without them, you just can’t.”



Men’s A Division

1. Edward Walsh, Oakley Atlantic Racing, 3:15:27

2. Jakub Koska, Bikeclinic Cannondale Team, 3:18:30

3. Rob Klue, Cyclesmith, 3:18:32


Women’s A Division

1. Melissa Allen, Java Blend Racing, 2:54:59


Men’s B Division

1. Alex Lingley, Independent, 2:51:11

2. Chris Hawkins, SMB Physiotherapy Race Team, 2:53:58

3. Michael Avery, SMB Physiotherapy Race Team, 2:53:58


Women’s B Division

1. Michelle Zunti, Independent, 2:29:15

2. Keli Marshall, VeloLab Race Team, 2:43:20

3. Myriska Caulier, Pictou County Cycle, 2:58:58


Men’s C Division

1. Noah Perquin, Bike Monkey, 2:22:05

2. Shawn Noftall, Pictou County Cycle, 2:22:05

3. Robert Jurcina, Independent, 2:22:05


D Division

1. Byron Best, Frameworks Racing, 1:15:25

2. Jeff Deuville, Bike Monkey, 1:16:15

3. Ron Matthews, Pictou County Cycle. 1:19:05

Top female (8th overall): Cindy Fraser, Pictou County Cycle, 1:21:14


U-17 Division


1. Peter Corbin, Pictou County Cycle, 1:20:04


1. Freya Ferguson, Kings-Edgehill Club, 1:47.30


U-15 Division


1. Peter Vandermeulen, Bike Monkey, 36:15

2. Daniel Avery, SMB Physiotherapy Race Team, 41:04

3. Brett Deuville, Bike Monkey, 43:15


1. Maura Whitman, Bike Monkey, 41:12


U-13 Division

1. Reina Placer, Bike Monkey, 49:45

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