Blair eliminated at Commonwealth Games

Published on July 28, 2014
Brody Blair

GLASGOW – It wasn't meant to be.

Brody Blair was dominant in his second fight at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, leading 20-18 on every judge’s scorecard with 1:32 remaining in the third round.

Unfortunately for Blair it was stopped due to injury, meaning Benny Muziyo of Zambia was declared the winner and will advance to the quarter-finals in the 75kg division.

The reason for the stoppage due to injury was cuts reopening from his fight Saturday against Abdul Bangura of Sierra Leone. After a head butt early in the first round Blair sustained cuts above his eyes.

His father Robert said the cuts were glued on Saturday after his split decision win and that he was surprised the doctors let him box Monday.

“Brody won every round on every judge’s card (Monday), so it must be hard on him knowing that he won every round on every judge’s card, but it ended due to injury,” said Robert. “It’s unfortunate that he’s worked so hard and a head butt can do that to him.”

Robert added that even if Brody had won on Monday he wasn’t sure how long the cuts would’ve stood up to being hit.