Little, Henderson atop leaderboard at women’s amateur

Published on July 3, 2014
Julia Henderson and Bernadette Little.

BRIDGETOWN – Julia Henderson and Bernadette Little continue to be major names on the Nova Scotia women’s golf scene.

Competing at the NSGA women’s amateur in Bridgetown, the duo were sitting 1-2 when the first round concluded at Eden Golf and Country Club on Thursday. Little came in with an opening round of 78. She posted three birdies, three bogeys and two double-bogeys.

Henderson was two shots back with a birdie, two bogeys and two doubles.

“The round started on the back (nine), so I found the first seven holes a bit rough, but I was able to finish strong and piece together a decent round,” said Henderson. “That’s a little bit of a better taste in your mouth to finish like that.”

A first time competitor at the women’s level, Little said it was a different atmosphere from junior events, but she still had a lot of fun. Part of that came from playing with Henderson, a fellow Abercrombie Country Club member.

Although not from Pictou County, Emily Romkey, is a familiar face to the two. Along with Henderson and Little, she was always amongst the top junior golfers in recent years. After the first round she was fourth with a round of 83, five shots back of Little.

“I think it helped us a lot to be able to play over the winter,” said Little. “Other competitors haven’t had the opportunity to play as much as we have or be exposed to that level of competition.”

Henderson said the three pushed each other to become better golfers in recent years and believes that played a part in their continued success.

“It’s nice that the three of us are still able to be successful at the amateur level,” she said. “Through junior golf we usually pushed each other and played together a lot, so it’s nice that we were all able to all stick it out and be successful with Nova Scotia golf. Hopefully we’ll get to play with each other over the next couple of days.”

For at least the second round Henderson and Little will be paired together again. The third member of their group on Thursday was Mireille LeBlanc, who will also be joining them again today.

Little will be focused on improving her putting in the remaining rounds after two four putts and a three put in the opening round.

“I’ll go back to the course tonight (Thursday) and hit a few putts,” she said. “Tomorrow I need to focus more, commit to my line and put a better stroke on it.”

Henderson’s concern was her play off the tee, but after early struggles felt she fixed her issues. She still made sure she returned to the course Thursday night to hit a few balls on the range.

As the leader, there is no added pressure according to Little.

“I don’t think so, I just have to try to not think about the end result,” she said. “I need to have the same game plan, one shot at a time, add them up the end and see where I stand.”

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