Brody Blair excited for opportunity at Commonwealth Games

Published on July 4, 2014
Boxer Brody Blair, who competes in the 75kg weight class trains at the Pictou County Wellness Centre using a tennis ball attached to an elastic to improve hand eye coordination.

This summer in between bouts, boxer Brody Blair went fishing. Well sort of.

Blair spent a good chunk of the past few months working for his father’s company buying lobster. That meant a lot of heavy lifting – exactly what the 22-year-old boxer was hoping for as conditioning. As a bonus, his father hired a friend, who just happened to be a sparring partner. They both used their spare time to train for upcoming competitions.

Blair who lives in Lyons Brook, has been in the ring at tournaments all over the world. From local fights here in Pictou County when he was younger to the Pan American Games where he won bronze to the World Games, he’s reached a height in the sport most only dream of.

He’s continuing to find new challenges to put in front of himself and new heights to shoot for in his career. Later this month he is travelling to Glasgow, Scotland to compete in the Commonwealth Games which run from July 23 to Aug. 3. Currently ranked 21 in the world by the International Boxing Association, Blair hopes this will give him an opportunity to show his skill and gain further experience for his ultimate goal of competing in the Olympics.

“I’ve never felt better. Training is on a whole other level now,” he said while taking a break from a training session with his father Robert at the Pictou County Wellness Centre Friday.

“Everything gets easier and easier and then we switch it up again to something harder and harder and then that will get easier and easier,” Brody said. “We’re just always flipping stuff up – always growing, always learning.”

As extra preparation he’s going to be training with Team Canada in Montreal for a week before he flies to Scotland where he’ll train for another week prior to the competition.

He’s feeling confident after winning a bout against an opponent from Wales who was in a weight class above his during a tournament in Regina.

He’s also gained familiarity with both his teammates and opponents. Travelling along with him will be Custio Clayton from Dartmouth. The two have spent a lot of time sparring and competing together, although in different weight classes.

“It’s like travelling with a brother,” Brody said.

Robert, said he can see the improvement in his son’s.

“He’s really more focused than ever,” Robert said. “Everything’s getting smoother. He’s more seasoned around everything.”