Abercrombie prepares for men’s mid-am

Tournament slated to take place July 18-20

Published on July 7, 2014
Golfers finish the ninth hole at Abercrombie Country Club on Monday afternoon. Abercrombie will be the site of the NSGA men’s mid-amateur next week from July 18-20.

ABERCROMBIE – There’s a lot of pride in in what Abercrombie Country Club will showcase next week during the NSGA men’s mid-amateur.

Approximately 150 golfers will take part in the three-day event from July 18-20 at the Abercrombie course.

“We probably have one of the best golf courses in the province,” said Jonathan Garron, director of golf at Abercrombie. “Our golf course as far as conditions are concerned is usually as good as anything in the province too, so we’re extremely proud of what we have for a product and what we offer to our members and to outside people when we host events.”

Preparing for a tournament of this size isn’t anything too difficult according to Garron. On an average day they see roughly 250 golfers on the course, so they can handle this number of players with little issue.

Most recently they held the junior and bantam provincial championships in 2012 and will host the men’s amateur in 2019. As a member of the NSGA it’s part of the course’s duty to host provincial events, but there are a few benefits of doing so.

“There’s some financial benefits to the club, but what we did with the money we’ll make off it is put it back into the golf club,” he said. “We redid a lot of the bunkers this year and added sand to them, so a lot of the money we’ll make was put back into the golf course (in those ways).

“It’s nice just to host the event and make people aware of your course.”

Garron said they are also likely to get a few golfers that will return or pass on information about Abercrombie when they return to their home course.

“Some will come back and play in events or you do get others that go back and play at their home club and if you host a good event you get people spreading word of mouth about your golf course,” he said. “You’ll get some people that come down to play to see what they were talking about.”

Preparation for this tournament began in March, with meetings once a month to ensure everything was progressing properly. It will take 15-20 volunteers a day on top of golf course staff members to host the event.

With regards to the physical preparation, he said superintendent Jim Nix and his staff started about a month ago to make more adjustments to the golf course. Over the next week and a half that work will continue to be finalized.

All three days of the tournament, which features the best mid-amateur players in the province, are free to the public to go watch. Garron pointed out that Team Nova Scotia finished second at the Canadian men’s mid-amateur championship last year at Blackhawk Golf Club in Alberta.

This year’s provincial team will be comprised of the top three finishers at the event. They will travel to Barrie, Ont. to play the Barrie Country Club from Sept. 16-19.




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