Nighthawk ruggers defeat NNEC

Published on May 18, 2017

NRHS captain Reed MacDonald carries the ball as the ’Hawks won the Pictou County Cup on Thursday on home turf, after a 27-17 win over the NNEC Gryphons.

Maynard Wilson and Reed MacDonald hold the Pictou County Cup, which will makes its way to Alma and Northumberland Regional High School.

Tyler MacLennan had three tries and a convert for NRHS, Grant Fraser and Nolan Emery also had tries. Campbell Burrows had two tries and a convert for the Gryphons, Nathaniel Dewar also posted a try. The Gryphons host a qualifier against the CEC Cougars next Tuesday, and need a win to continue their season. Two days later, the Nighthawks will host the winner of that game, with the regional banner at stake.