Wild Things win lob ball league title

Published on September 18, 2014

Pictou County Mixed Lob Ball League

Before the final tournament of the Pictou County Mixed Lob Ball League season the Wild Things held a record of 22-2-1, putting them in first place overall.

In the final tournament the Wild Things went 4-1 with the River John Rippers handing them their only loss. The Wild Things slid past the Sliders, jacked up the Jack And Jills, slugged through the Hillbilly Sluggers and out drank the Designated Drinkers in the championship game, making them the 2014 Pictou County Mix Lob Ball League champions.

Front row from left: Sarah Kaleva, Kristina Jones, Nicole Leblanc and Haley Macdonald. Back row: Konark Bararia, Dig MacDonald, Russ MacDonald, Kyle Patchett, Shane Mahar, Tyler Noskiye, Cheeto Penney, Freddy Mackay and Jarad MacLaughlin. Missing from photo: Mark Jackson and Amanda Earle.