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Editor’s note: More than half a million Canadians are living with dementia. That number is expected to nearly double over the next decade.

In Nova Scotia, where we were seeing 3,240 new cases of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias a decade ago among people age 65 and up, authorities now expect to see 6,800 new cases per year within two decades.

As part of a special package for Alzheimer’s awareness month, SaltWire Network is offering readers a novel in ebook form that follows the story of an Atlantic Canadian family coping with dementia, as so many Atlantic Canadian's do every day.

The novel, entitled "Atlantic Nights: They lived 1,001 lies", is loosely based on "One Thousand and One Nights", sometimes called "Arabian Nights".

Written by award-winning novelist and SaltWire columnist Russell Wangersky, and first published in 2015, "Atlantic Nights" has continued relevance as a powerful and relatable work of fiction.

The story unfolds through tales told to an aging mother as she settles into life in a long-term care facility. As the family recounts the stories they think only carry a portion of truth, the family starts to discover they don’t know everything about the lives of their parents.

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