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Nova Scotia Spirit Company releases summery new drink

Just in time for the summer, the Nova Scotia Spirit Company is looking to bring some new flavours to its various offerings, with what it describes as “pure refreshment in a can.”

The award-winning Trenton-based company it is releasing its newest canned drink: Vodka Soda Lemon Lime – a drink that combines its award-winning Blue Lobster Vodka with all-natural citrus flavours. This beverage will be hitting shelfs at NSCC locations across Pictou County this week.

Nova Scotia Spirit Company president Alex Rice said the idea to create a mixed vodka soda drink came from “the growing demand in other markets across Canada for low-sugar, low-carb beverage options,” and seeing that demand, he decided to provide for it locally.

“Nova Scotians already love our vodka, (so) why not offer a ready drink option – that was it – Blue Lobster Vodka Soda Lemon Lime was born.”

The new product specifically uses natural flavouring, and is free of sweeteners, carbs sugar and gluten.

The Nova Scotia Liquor Company has set its sights on growth. Plans are in the works to broaden the range of what the company offers its customers to drink, with a brewery called Painted Boat Brewery set to open on Foord Street in Stellarton.

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