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Town receives 200 submissions for business park street names


STELLARTON – Will it be Pancake Road? Amelia Earhart Place? Balmoral Way?

Those are just some of the 200 or so names that have been suggested by residents and school children for the 10 streets that need to be named in the Albion Place business park in Stellarton.

But the wealth of names has left Stellarton council scratching their heads and unsure how to go about narrowing that list.

Developer Paul Brown had suggested simply numbering the streets, but council wasn't in favour of that plan.

"Stellarton has a very rich heritage and, when explored, very rich names," said Deputy Mayor Ken Francis. "It would be an oversight to just name them Street One, Street Two – that's very mundane."

Council had previous decided not to use any family names, coal mining names or names of institutions, which significantly cuts down on the names on the list.

"We seem to be making something very simple very complicated," said Mayor Joe Gennoe. "I don't care if we get five people from the bleachers, if it's the five of us on council. Maybe we should put all the names in a drum."

Council voted in favour of each council member selecting 10 names and bringing them back to the March 12 meeting to make a final decision.

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