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COLUMN: A time when the community is one large group

How was your week? Hope you had a great Christmas.

I always loved Christmas, it always seemed like the snow would start falling so lightly when the church bells started ringing for midnight mass.

I always loved Christmas, it always seemed like the snow would start falling so lightly when the church bells started ringing for midnight mass.

Growing up, the church was across the street so we could all walk to church. The sidewalk was full with people walking to church, so late at night and after mass, walking home, it felt like the community was one large group, and as you went in your yard everyone would be saying Merry Christmas. And earlier in the evening the Salvation Army carollers would go house to house standing around your step singing Christmas carols.

I can't remember a Christmas without snow covering the ground. I remember seeing the footprints of my new boots and feeling proud going to church in my new Christmas clothes. I have so many great memories that it makes my heart wish I could go back in time just for a few minutes.

My Christmas wish… I would have loved to have my girls closer but with the economy the way it is they have to go where the work is. But I am glad they live in the same province and can spend the holidays together.

Dad and Janet and I spent the holidays together. We like to watch movies half the night and eat junk food, and I was sick for most of the week. I started two days with throwing up. I get scared when I do that and can't breath, but once I use my neti pot on my sinuses I start to feel better, and the coughing stops. I wish I hadn't gotten sick Christmas week. And I started crocheting what they call messy bun hats and I got so many orders my arm started to get sore so I had to slow down. So anyone waiting for their hat, it’s being made, only a little slower. Ha.

I never got to go Christmas visiting this year – if I went and spread this cold they wouldn't talk to me until next year.

I had a fever that would start when I went to bed, then in the night the fever would break, but I had been to the hospital again where my doctor listened to my lungs. They were clear, so we couldn't figure out where the fever was coming from. I have to get chemo Friday and will also have my blood work done. You always have to have blood work done before your chemo to make sure all the numbers are good and it’s safe to get it.

I think there is a bit of a mix-up. I still have cancer and it’s not in remission, but is actually dying out in places and there are some places we are still fighting with the new chemo. If any new spots show up then I will battle them. So far I feel great. My arm I had the radiation on is still a little sore at times but I will take the way it feels now any day over what I had before I got it done. I am trying to get my energy back but that's hard to do. I have to give myself a push.

My friend in Glace Bay, Geraldine Metcalf, is the last of our group to turn 59 this week, woohoo. We are doing good – over 50 years of friendship – but she always makes fun of me being the older one. Some days I feel 100. Happy birthday Geraldine. We also still call each other at least every week.

Weight wise – 146, woohoo. My friend Barb and I are having a try hard to see who can lose the most weight. I am down a clothes and pants size, woohoo, I feel so happy over that.

Elmo had a great Christmas. I wrapped him a present – a stuffed dog in Christmas paper. Well he was so happy with that he ripped the paper off and put the toy in his bed. That made me smile.

Tip of the week: Take a rest this week and pamper yourself even if it’s an extra long shower with your new bath gift set that most of us got for Christmas, ha. Nothing feels better on your sore muscles than standing under the hot water. Just let the water wash the stress away.

I want to thank you so much all for the beautiful cards and gifts and gift cards. They are so much appreciated.

Have a happy New Year’s folks… and please don't drink and drive.


Kathy Golemiec is undergoing cancer treatments and writes about her experiences each week.

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