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COLUMN: If you find an artichoke, let me know

HEY THERE… IT' ME KATHY by Kathy Golemiec

So how was your week? Mine was real one of the bad ones. I got my chemo and the next day I was so sick, I had a headache so bad I thought my brain was going to blow up and it’s the first time that I vomited after chemo. I went to bed and never got up for a day and a half. I was sure I was getting the flu and went to the hospital. I have an appointment tomorrow, I'm sure they can help make the dizziness stop and bring back some feeling in my fingers.

I am all done with the steroids. I sure hope I didn't have to go on those again, they really do havoc on the body.

My blood pressure was low this week, lower than usual.

I still didn't find an artichoke. I will look again this week now that I feel a bit better.

Our weather has been so great, we missed three storms. Let’s hope we miss the next one we’re supposed to get. I'm hoping winter is over.

Did you know that eating sweet potatoes has almost six times the amount of vitamin K recommended daily? And it has vitamin A, which is important for the skin.

I have 30 pounds to lose, woohoo, I'll be ready for a long bathing suit by Christmas.

Even if I follow a diet, I can't do it like the magazines…. Like they say, lose 10 pounds in three weeks – don't eat. Ha, even that wouldn't work.

I still have a black spot in the other eye and the light shadows in the same eye.

It’s time to get cortisone in my arms and hand again. I can't knit or do any of my crafts anymore.

Did I ever tell you I hate needles? Three of the longest needles, and I ask for them.

I better call Geraldine in Glace Bay to find out what’s new down home. No matter how long you have been away from Cape Breton it will always be called home, but if you leave and go back it’s all different.

My youngest daughter has her own website: Kerry Lane and is also on Facebook, Kerry Lane Originals. She's doing great on her part of the diet.

Thunder likes to play by the heaters. One of these days they are all going to be melted.

Dad and Janet weren't able to get over, we weren't sure about the weather.

I had to go out and buy a couple of pair of pants because of swelling up. The other ones wouldn't go over the top of my legs…. Yup, I'm fat.

Well folks, keep your fingers crossed that we don't get a storm. I slipped down the door steps but didn't hurt anything. Oh, woohoo, lucky

Have a good week folks, thank you for the letters and gifts. If you find an artichoke buy a small one and try it. Let me know where to get one and what you thought of it.

Kathy Golemiec is undergoing cancer treatments and writes about her experiences each week.

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