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COLUMN: Which cleanse should I do?

So, you are thinking about cleansing your digestive system, however, you don’t know where to start.

You begin by thinking about when would be the right time since you do have to be somewhat disciplined. Usually most cleanses run between two to four weeks. So, after doing some reading you realize that you must refrain from eating dairy (yogurt allowed), wheat, beef, pork, sweets, alcohol and coffee.

When doing these cleanses, it is very important to walk every day or do some form of exercise (such as lightly jumping on a mini trampoline for three minutes twice daily) and to take a B complex supplement as they are very helpful when cleansing the body. Fibre is very important as well so a daily intake of flax meal or psyllium is important. Drinking lots of water is a must as well. When thinking about bread, try a sprouted bread (found at grocery store in freezer section) or any gluten-free breads. Bake with spelt and quinoa instead of white or whole wheat flour. 

There are several cleanses, so choosing the right one may be a job for myself. It is important to see where your weaknesses reside. Someone may have Candida (systemic yeast), or show symptoms and signs for parasites. Others may need a digestive cleanse or a liver cleanse. Naturopathic doctors can help you select the right one for you. Having your live blood cell analysis done aids in making these the best choice. I do this here at my clinic during your first appointment.

Don’t let cleansing scare you because even if you follow the cleanse 80-90 per cent you are still benefiting. It’s all a learning curve. Feel more energy, a clearer mind, maybe drop a few pounds, rid your body of any irritating skin rashes. You may decide to do another one each year or twice a year. Every little bit of positive change helps!


Dr. Lisa McNiven, BSc., RN, ND is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine at Naturopathic Services, 277A Foord St., Stellarton

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