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Everyone could hear that bell ring

Kathy Golemiec
Kathy Golemiec

HEY THERE… IT'S ME KATHY by Kathy Golemiec

Woo, what a week! How was your week? I sure hope you felt better than I did. It wasn't so much getting the cancer tumour in my brain radiated – I was only as scared as a squirrel thinking he wasn’t getting any winter nuts – it was more the wait.

My family came up with me and the doctor talked to us before I went in. You walk into the room and get up on a cold slab table – yes there is a sheet on it and they do give you a nice warm blanket. I was halfway down the hall when I asked if I could go back and talk to my family for a few minutes. I wanted them to know that if anything happened to me or if I came out of that room a different people brain-wise I wanted them to know how much I loved them always – the way I do right now – then off I went.

They strapped on my face mask – which I didn't get to the office in time for a picture so you can see it, I will try for next week. It was tight but I wasn't complaining and I wasn't moving, I just kept breathing. It doesn't hurt, all you hear is a buzz stopping and starting and a half hour later it’s over and hopefully….

On your last radiation treatment you get to ring the old school bell. Well, everyone could hear that bell and they were clapping and happy for me. The bell ringing is new, since I was there two years ago. It was such a great feeling… Dr. Rob Rutledge did it again, he saved my life. I have been his patient for almost 15 years and he is amazing. Thank you so much just for being you and caring so much. You will always have a piece of my heart.

So yes folks, I have a good working brain again, woohoo. Make that a double woohoo.

Carol came with me to Truro and we hit every junk shop we could. Dad and Wayne took the truck to get checked and undercoated, so they dropped us off at the mall, where we walked around and met a lot of nice people. I met Terry who told me she was from another planet and wasn't happy with Earth, and some other interesting people. Carol and I had something to eat at the food court – love the egg rolls – where we sat and people watched for over an hour until it was time to go.

I stopped in at The Daily News in Truro and picked up my mail. Thank you for all the nice letters and cards, they mean so much.

On the way home we found a new thrift store, woohoo, Grammy's Thrift Store at 92 Pictou Rd. in Bible Hill. If you are over there check it out, it's great, she is a very nice lady that has who moved from B.C. and her prices are very good. There is everything there including furniture and they also accept donations of things. We were there just after stopping for ice cream, and there was no way I was going in without finishing my ice cream. It was after 5 and she closes at 5, so she was waiting for us. When I went in she said she was wondering if I was really coming in or not.

When I was in town I met the lady who puts my column online every week. It was nice to finally meet you.

It sure has been a long day, but a great week. Thunder had a good visit with Janet today. I may even tell you next week about my experience with a home fleet enema – no, some things are better left unsaid, ha.

Pain-wise, 3.

Enema experience, level 12, if I had to do it again, yes.

Thank you everyone for putting me on your prayer list and for all the cards and letters.

It was nice to see my friend Raymond Miles this week at the flea market. Yes I did make it there after my radiation and Carol and Betty came to help.

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