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FAITH FOR TODAY: Make someone’s day!


We’ve all played that game where we had to unwrap a parcel, layer by layer, while music played.

As soon as the music stopped the parcel had to be passed to the next person who would begin to unwrap the parcel, all the while hoping to be the one who would remove the last layer and be allowed to keep whatever gem was hidden inside.

The game had a twist though. The person unwrapping had to wear oven mitts making it very difficult to squeeze the parcel and determine its contents and also making it harder to get the layer of paper loose enough to yank it off the parcel. Sometimes there were so many layers the game seemed like it would go on forever! The ability to “touch” the parcel freely complicated the process.

Ever tried to pick up small objects with swollen or arthritic fingers? That pen, those needles or pins, buttons and even coins are almost impossible to lift up to a table or gather together. Touch is very important in every-day situations for all ages.

Jesus knew how important “touch” was to those who needed healing, who were considered untouchable because of their infirmity or to children who were mostly seen but not heard from, especially in earlier times. Jesus saw with eyes of compassion and He never hesitated to reach out and touch a person needing help from Him whatever the age or circumstances.

“Moved with compassion, Jesus touched their eyes; and immediately they regained their sight and followed Him.” – Matthew 20:34 (NASB) He healed the blind man by touching the man’s eyes.

“And they were bringing children to Him so that He might touch them.” – Mark 10:13 (NASB) He gathered the children to Him and blessed them. He loved everyone!

There are many today who do not ever feel the touch of someone’s hand on their shoulder in a gentle pat of comfort or a clasping of hands when someone is hurting and feeling like no one cares. Some have no one left in this world to give them a hug and let them know that whatever they are feeling now, someone still cares about them. How sad to be left alone with no one to visit, call, write or care and yet our own community has such people in nursing homes, hospitals and, yes, even some schools.

But we who have accepted Christ as our Lord and Savior are to be His hands to a hurting, needy and lonely world. We all need a “touch” of compassion at some time. We all need to be shown that today may not be the best we have ever experienced, but tomorrow will come and the sun will shine once more. We all need to know someone cares!

When we allow God’s love to fill our hearts, minds and lives, then we too develop a real compassion toward those around us. When God’s hand touches our lives our confidence increases, our faces glow and we know we are held safe and secure. We know we are loved! We are then compelled to share that love and that “touch” of God’s grace upon our lives with those around us.

Our journey of life is meant to be shared with others who also need to know that God loves them – no matter what age they are. What a message we have to share.

Make someone’s day today by being an ambassador for Christ!

Lauretta Balderston is a freelance writer and contributor to Faith for Today.

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