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Kathy Golemiec
Kathy Golemiec - Submitted photo

HEY THERE… IT'S ME KATHY by Kathy Golemiec

How was your week? Mine wasn't too bad. I'm back on steroids and there is no sign of inflammation where I was given the radiation, so I guess that's a good thing. I feel 100 per cent better now, only spots in front of my eyes once in a while but nothing like it was, and the other eye is getting a lot better as well – no light flashes.

I had a bone scan done at nuclear medicine Monday and I have to have a full body CT scan done on Friday. So I can see my oncologist next Monday. And if everything comes back OK then I can get back on my regular chemo. So keep your fingers crossed and keep sending the good vibes.

Thank you for all the cards and letters and gifts. They mean so much.

I am ready to do talks again if there is any group that is looking for a speaker. For an hour or two.

I am fighting with the weight again, all that work to get it off after the last round of steroids and now I'm back up to 148. My pants are getting tight again.

I am tired a lot from the radiation but that is normal and you do not lose your hair from the radiation on the head. So far so good anyway.

Pain level this week is 2 – still only my hands and feet are numb but the hands are the worst and that is what I use the most to make my hats and jewelry. I guess I'm getting better: I'm complaining, ha.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween. There weren't as many children out around our way last night, but they were all dressed cute and they looked like they were having fun. So that was the main thing.

Like I tell everyone, Judy… your pain to you is as bad as my pain is to me so get some help and they will get your pain under control for you. No one can say my pain is worse than yours. I guess some people like to say that but pain is pain and, yes, it hurts.

Yes my Father is Laddie (Wladyslaw) Golemiec and I grew up in Glace Bay on Seaview Street and my grandparents had a little store there. My father said to say hello and remembers your family with fond memories.

A reminder: Woman Alike Christmas Dinner is on Nov. 28 at 6 p.m. at the Plymouth Fire hall. You can contact Bev McGuigan at 902-755-6537 by Nov. 20 and the cost is $14 per person and a donation to the food bank.

It sure is a beautiful day out today, the colour of the leaves is so breathtaking it's like magic. But lucky for us it happens every year, and add the sun shining on them and you have nothing but spectacular.

I'm going to Truro today and Halifax tomorrow so I will get to see the beauty of Mount Thom.

My brother Kevin is having a birthday on the 8th so he will have a great day.


The Flea Market wasn't too bad this week, and I still didn't get to the paper to bring my mask for you to see. I’ll try for that tomorrow.

Janet and Dad will be coming over this weekend. I was going to go to Kevin's this weekend but I'm still having a few headaches so I will wait until his birthday.

Have a great week all… and be nice to someone even if it’s a hello – or a woohoo.


Kathy Golemiec is undergoing cancer treatments and writes about her experiences each week.

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