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Glen Haven Manor is a life’s calling for nursing veteran Theresa Dewar

Theresa Dewar has been a nurse at Glen Haven Manor for more than 40 years.
Theresa Dewar has been a nurse at Glen Haven Manor for more than 40 years. - Kim Dickson


Theresa Dewar’s work at Glen Haven Manor as an LPN has been her life’s calling.

Dewar began working at the long-term care facility in New Glasgow more than 40 years ago as a young graduate of the Nova Scotia Community College and has never looked back.

Dewar is described by her colleagues, residents and management alike as a dedicated nursing professional and health care leader of the highest standard who has made an undeniable and indelible mark on the quality of care delivered at Glen Haven for these four decades.

“Dewar is an exceptional nurse who goes above and beyond the call of duty. Her dedication and work ethic are legendary,” said Lisa Smith, CEO of Glen Haven. “She not only gives this level of commitment during work hours but also during her days off. She volunteers to take residents to appointments and is a faithful attendee at Glen Haven events and enjoys spending extra time with residents.”
Dewar is known as a loyal, dedicated nurse as well as a motivating team player. She has been a mentor to generations of younger nurses and a team builder within Glen Haven with a natural instinct and intuition for her chosen profession. In addition to providing exceptional individualized quality care, Dewar builds trust and lasting relationships with residents, families and with colleagues across the entire organization. She leads by example and has a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of Glen Haven. This enables her to be an effective champion for an interdisciplinary approach and she has been described as the backbone of the Crystal Waters and Silver Creek Resident Care area where she has worked for 30 years.

Earlier in her career she worked in other resident care areas and she has a well-established reputation and respect as the consummate professional with a proven track record.

Manager of Crystal Waters and Silver Creek, Miranda MacKenzie says Dewar is “calm, adaptable and so good with the residents. “She knows them very well and that she is a go-to person for other staff, who leads by example,” adds MacKenzie.

Colleague Mary Allard, staffing and materials management co-ordinator, who joined the Glen Haven team the same time as Dewar back in 1977, says, “If a call goes out from staffing for help on short notice, Dewar faithfully and enthusiastically answers the call. She has made a difference. Dewar has made her mark. She has made us all better.”

Heather Shepherd, director of quality and resident care at Glen Haven, said Dewar has adjusted well to changes in the nursing role over the years.

“Even after 40 years of service, Dewar comes to work each and every day with an inspiring commitment. She takes great pride in her work and this makes her a wonderful mentor,” Shepherd said.

Theresa Mills, RN, now retired after working for 30 years at Glen Haven Manor, knows Dewar well as a fellow nursing colleague and worked directly with her for two years. “She is one of a kind,” says Mills emphatically. “It’s completely about the residents for Dewar – their care and that they are happy. It is important to her that the residents consider Glen Haven their home. The residents greatly appreciate her. Dewar makes a perfect mentor to new nurses. She is humble, honest, quiet and forthright. She’s the best.”

Despite her leadership role, it is widely known that Dewar never, ever seeks the limelight and is admired for not only her knowledge and skill, but also for her calm manner, dry wit and ability to get the job done no matter what challenges or demands may come her way.

Dewar is always there for the residents of Glen Haven with an unwavering integrity devoted to making their lives filled with good health, dignity, fun and happiness. And as Dewar herself expresses, when the time comes, she is also there to make their final days easier.

Nursing at Glen Haven and providing quality care for others is in Dewar’s DNA – it is clearly a great passion and what she was born to do.

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