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Glen Haven volunteers recognized


Glen Haven Manor expected to take some time to recognize its many volunteers during National Volunteer Week this week and to thank each and every one for their contributions to the well-being of Glen Haven residents.

it is reading to a resident, helping residents participate in recreational activities, supporting church services, providing musical entertainment or just offering a helping hand, we want to offer our sincere appreciation on behalf of our residents, residents’ families and our staff,” says Glen Haven Manor’s CEO, Lisa M. Smith.

“Volunteers provide both social and economic impact and often are a leading force in the resiliency of any community. Pictou County is second-to-none with its strong sense of volunteerism and community spirit. Our community’s volunteers offer time, talents and expertise with endless dedication and kindness and we are grateful for their contributions. We are proud to profile two of the longest standing Glen Haven Manor volunteers, Mary MacAloney and Georgie Foye, as symbols of the many kindnesses shown and in representation of all of our volunteers and the distinct gifts they share.”

Glen Haven will also be hosting a special reception for its volunteers during National Volunteer Week.

Mary MacAloney

Mary (MacPherson) MacAloney has an energy, devotion and determination that many people half her age would greatly envy.

A steadfast volunteer, Mary has been a part of Glen Haven Manor’s volunteer team for more than 40 years and is not about to stop anytime soon. Mary is faithful to play the piano for Mass every Friday morning at Glen Haven and is part of a loyal group that includes her brother Duggie and sister Diane, who help out each week.

Many years ago now, Mary offered hair dressing services to the residents of Glen Haven Manor and started volunteering when she was still actively in the work force. She had her own salon in her hometown of Stellarton in the building which is now the Stellarton Library and was trained by Christene (MacInnis) Thompson. She recalls mentors such as Christine and also the late Kristine Dickson, who were seasoned professionals who supported up-and-coming young professionals.

Mary’s late husband, Jack MacAloney, was also a Glen Haven volunteer, and Mary remembers affectionately the couple helping out at Glen Haven during social gatherings by serving tea as well as dancing with residents. She also recounts the fun they had helping out with bus trips. Mary explains she took piano lessons as a child and through an encouragement of one of the nuns associated with her church, she was convinced to dust off her piano and put those lessons to good use by helping out with music at masses held at Glen Haven Manor for residents.

Mary tells how she made a point of learning hymns she knew would be favourites of residents and how wonderful it is to see their enjoyment of them. Mary says she has always been fond of older people even in her youth and loves spending time with and getting to know residents.

“Glen Haven has been a part of my life for many years,” says Mary. “It will be a sad day when I have to give it up. I can’t imagine not helping out. On Fridays, I look forward to coming to Glen Haven.”

“Mary has been a tried and true volunteer at Glen Haven with an impressive record of volunteerism,” says Donna MacLane, Glen Haven’s director of community, relationships and engagement. “Her commitment never waivers and she continues to impress us with her attentiveness, reliability and zest.”

Georgie Foye

Georgie Foye has been a volunteer at Glen Haven Manor for about a decade, and for Georgie, her community volunteerism has become an important part of her life.

Georgie first began volunteering at Glen Haven many years ago when her mother first became a resident. From the moment she began in a volunteer capacity, Georgie loved to be around the residents of Glen Haven and to help them in a variety of ways. She is very dedicated and faithful to her volunteer role and you can count on Georgie to be found at Glen Haven several times a week, almost every week. She enjoys helping residents with their meals, getting them to and from their resident care areas, to the many recreational activities on site, and also helping staff take them to and from in-house church services and masses.

Georgie says she loves to get to know the residents, to find out where they are from, about their careers and backgrounds and to help when she can with their interests and needs. A lifelong resident of Pictou County, Georgie worked in the sterilization department at the Aberdeen Regional Hospital and also prior to her 12 years there was employed at CP Smith’s as head of the drapery department for many years.

She says residents enjoy wonderful personal care at Glen Haven and that both the residents and the staff are all very friendly, warm and welcoming.

Georgie can be found not only supporting residents to attend the many musical performances offered by Glen Haven, but she has also been known to be a good dance partner and often puts a big smile on the faces of those residents who love to dance. Georgie tells that once she almost took a job at Glen Haven but decided to stay at CP Smith’s. She says Glen Haven stayed on her mind and as life would have it, the long-term care facility still became a very big part of her world, both as a family member and as a giving and loyal volunteer. Georgie describes volunteering as very rewarding and says she looks forward to seeing the residents and staff each and every day she is there.

“I love to help the residents in whatever way I can,” Georgie says with a big smile.

Residents in turn look forward to seeing her on a regular basis and know they can count on her generous, kind and helpful manner.

Georgie is always very devoted to our residents,” says MacLane. “We appreciate her gentle personality, dependability and strong volunteer work ethic.”

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