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My happy colours are yellow and green

Kathy Golemiec
Kathy Golemiec

So how was your week? Children are in school I bet you’re still yelling woohoo.

My week was better than the last few, but I'm still wondering what they are going to do with me. You know me, there is always a dilemma each week. This week was my cellphone – the doctor kept calling me but my phone decided this would be the day to kick the bucket, great. Do you know what it's like having a brain tumour and missing the calls to tell you what they are going to do with you? It's heavy on the stress level.

Can you imagine being told you have a brain tumour – and yes it's cancerous – your mind goes straight to your faith. That doesn't mean you give up your fighting, it means you double your fighting. I'm not just praying more. I started to turn myself around and eating right. Yes I'm drinking water more. I have a feeling that this is the fight I should have been getting ready for, but I have the feeling that I can do this, with all of you sending me good vibes. And no matter what your religion, I need you to pray a little more and add me to them.

I am going back to beans and greens and yes I'm going to add a bit of fish, also smoothies helped me before.

Vicky and I went to healing touch last night, I was so glad I went. I got to meet a woman who could read my aura and she told me I was going to be fine and that I still had to fight, and my happy colours are yellow and green. I surprised myself that I was listening to this girl telling things about me that she could never know, so I was amazed. She was amazing. She wasn't there to do that, she was there the same as I was. We were sitting beside each other and, later, she said she could see auras since she was a child and could see mine. I said OK, what is it saying? She was right on to everything, it gave me a sense of hope.

She told me I needed more water and, no, she had never read my column. She told me to look at it this way, think of a dam, if you block up the dam to a trickle, nothing down under the dam would grow and it would stop life. But if you have the dam open and running full it brings life. And that's what will happen to you, water will give you life. Think of water as a form of love: you love your life and without water you have no life. And what this young woman told me made so much sense that I'm drinking more water today. Thank you Zennifer.

I try to get out and walk Thunder up and down the road. Last night when I got home I took him for a walk and I was talking to my daughter. We have no streetlights on our street, so my neighbour yelled out her door, “Kathy is that you?” I said “Yes, don't worry, I didn't completely lose it .”

Weight-wise – whoops 143. That will come off when the junk food goes away.

Pain level on my wrist was 10 this week. I started going to physiotherapy, I have to go every Monday until we can get it fixed.

The VON are coming to see me twice a week to make sure I drink water and eat.

Thank you for all the letters and gifts from my readers, you can reach me at The News .

Happy birthday to Vicky's husband Alan – have a great day.

Dad and Janet were over to help me this week.

Tip of the week: Take some time for you and think of three things that you love about yourself, that makes you You. And think of how many times you were nice to someone else, even a smile.

Have a great week Debbie, and Thunder loves living with me.

Have a great week folks… and yes the grasshoppers are out.


Kathy Golemiec is undergoing cancer treatments and writes about her experiences each week.

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