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OUR FATHER KNOWS BEST: A God for all seasons

Well, Spring is literally around the corner. I am sure all of us are enjoying the few additional minutes of daylight as it returns for another season. Even with the time adjustment we still mark each day with anticipation of early sunrises and later sunsets. Crocuses will soon poke through the receding snow and robins will return from their winter nests in our forests. Winter coats will be retired for spring jackets, and garden tools will replace snow shovels. Even the winter attitudes will give way to smiles. The smell in the air will entice the hibernators like me to get outside, and wet a line and open up the cottage. Ah, yes, the magic of Spring.

Now, if you noticed, I failed to mention attending church. That mere distraction was intentional as many people forget about church, regardless of the season. Some will say, well it’s too slippery or cold in the winter to go. Others will say that Spring is too sloppy, that Summer is vacation time, and Fall is when they prepare for Winter. These are reasons perhaps, but they are really only excuses. People tend to forget that God is open every day, of every season. God is not a season, rather He is a God for all seasons. Human activity has a way of replacing God in our lives, way too easily. Whether it is travelling, hobbies, building a business, sports activities or other recreational activities, God should not be put on our back burner. We should not make Him a God of our convenience rather He should be the God of our commitment.

We sing a song in church in which the lyrics are: Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face. And the things of earth, will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace.

The songwriter is reminding us that the physical trappings that we surround ourselves with are temporary, and God’s presence in our lives is much more valuable than we give it credit for. If we claim to have Jesus as our Savior, then perhaps giving Him our undivided attention for a few hours each week should not be a secondary thought. Let us not deny Him by way of seasonal excuses, so as not to be denied by Him to the Father once the gold, silver, and diamonds of our life grow strangely dim. Yes, Spring is just around the corner, and so too is a church service where God is waiting patiently with a seat just for you.

Mike Shindruk, Master’s Hand Ministry

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