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OUR FATHER KNOWS BEST: A long and winding road

by Mike Shindruk

I remember when my siblings and I were very young, the long and winding road trip each year to visit our relatives here on the east coast. Being from Ontario, we would count down the days when we would be packed into our family car, and head out west one year to Manitoba, then the next year, to Nova Scotia. The trip always began, with my father at the wheel, leaving scenery that was familiar to us and eventually turning into the very unknown, yet exciting views of other provinces and license plates. Finally, we would see the familiar “Welcome to Nova Scotia” sign, and then we knew we were almost here. Being from away, we could smell the ocean long before we ever saw it. Then the magical moment happened when we reached our aunt and uncle’s, and grandparents’ homes here in Thorburn. We were greeted with screams of excitement, and hugs and handshakes all around. Those two weeks in August with our cousins were magical and without description.

I see our journey in Christ to be very much the same. Most of us don’t start out with a personal relationship with God, so leaving behind the familiar scenery of a different life is challenging. Yet, once we are introduced to Jesus, we are put on a road trip like no other. With our Father at the wheel, He will take us to places we cannot imagine. The journey we take with our faith family is like an unending drive through the Rockies. He will show us majesty that our eyes will see, yet our minds cannot fully comprehend. Like Saul on the road to Damascus in Acts 26:16, God will choose His moment to call each of us to be His servants and witnesses.

He will call some of us with a flash, and some with a gentle still voice, but He will call. Then, like the children we were on the highway, He will take us on the most exciting road trip of our life. He’ll show us the fruits of the Spirit. He will keep a lamp under our feet. He will gift us with His armor, and He will see His reflection in our words and deeds. Then, when He is satisfied, and we are at the end of our life’s road trip, He will allow us to smell the ocean of His eternity. It will be then that we will read a sign, and hear the words that say, "Welcome to the new Jerusalem”, you are home. Revelation 21. Can you only imagine?

Mike Shindruk

Master’s Hand Ministry

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