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Rotarians host book launch to raise funds for women entrepreneurs

NEW GLASGOW – Rotarian and former Pictou County resident Douglas Logan will officially launch his first book “A Matter of Thyme,” Thursday, May 9.
The World Bank has shown that the best investment we can make in developing countries is to support women’s labour force and business participation, and Logan’s book is being sold as a fundraiser by Atlantic Rotarians, with proceeds to be invested in women in developing countries who are striving to build a better life for themselves, their families and communities.
“A Matter of Thyme” is set in Pictou County and begins with the discovery of the body of a local principal on Little Harbour Road. He has drowned and it is obvious that something untoward has happened but after several months, the police know little more. Impatient with their lack of progress, the victim’s sister asks Justin Thyme for help. Once a talented investigator, Thyme has been forced out of the RCMP by the onset of PTSD. He is reluctant to get involved. Unemployed and living alone, he’s learning to control his illness and carve out a new life for himself.

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