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We all need one of these – sitz bath!


It’s a weekly recommendation I forward to patients as the practise of using a sitz bath can be very helpful in many personal situations. You can purchase a sitz bath at most pharmacies for less than $15.

Basically it looks like a basin with an overflow slot and it fits nicely on the rim of the toilet itself. Both the toilet seat cover and seat itself lift up and you set it into this area and sit in the water. Any water that overflows goes into the toilet.

Conditions such as hemorrhoids, genital inflammation, post vaginal birth tears, chronic bladder infections (prevention), post painful bowel movements and whatever else you are experiencing can be helped. Children find this is helpful for any sort of irritation – give them a book and they can sit and feel relief.

Once filled with very warm water, you can add apple cider vinegar and witch hazel tincture for hemorrhoids, as well as essential oils including lavender and chamomile and tea tree oil. A few drops is fine.

Be sure to sit in it for at least 15 minutes. Depending on the severity of the issue, you can decide how often you wish to have a sitz bath.

After the bath, think about applying zincofax and calendula salve for better results.

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Dr. Lisa McNiven, BSc., RN, ND is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine at Naturopathic Services, 277A Foord St., Stellarton

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