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A little help with your anxiety


It’s everywhere, in our families and please don’t forget about the children. They too can experience anxiety, that uneasy feeling and sometimes a fear that takes you away from that social setting you desire.

Keep in mind that if your anxiety is severe and you are unable to control it to a livable degree then please see your health care provider for help. If you are trying to find alternative methods to decrease the severity or help ease your mind then keep reading.

There are many calming herbs available such as avena sativa, passionflower, melissa and rhodiola. These can sometimes be found in combination remedies – check out your local health food stores or clinics and alternative health-oriented pharmacies. Magnesium is great as well and can be used to help ease anxiety.

If you are on medications then please see an ND for investigation of contraindications. Biofeedback is something you may want to investigate as this can be very helpful. Acupuncture can ease this issue as well. Talking to health care providers or friends helps to ease the unfavourable signs and symptoms.

There are many causes of anxiety so please see someone if you think it may be related to a hormonal issue or a medical problem. When speaking about hormones it is known that when progesterone is low then you will experience more anxiety and feelings of irritability. Saliva hormone testing is available which enables the patient to find out the level of all three estrogens, progesterone, testosterone and adrenal fatigue. There are herbs available as well as homeopathic remedies to aid in increasing the progesterone in the body.

Homeopathic remedies require a detailed intake from the practitioner as this individual recommendation requires detailed history for the specific homeopathic. One homeopathic remedy that you could pick up is Gelsemium 30CH: let four pellets dissolve in mouth when feeling anxious. This is safe for everyone!

Merry Christmas! May you embark on a new journey whatever it may be, in the new year. Challenge yourself to change your routine a little and see how new opportunities come your way!


Dr. Lisa McNiven, BSc., RN, ND is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine at Naturopathic Services, 277A Foord St., Stellarton.

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