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Adults-only event ‘The Bounce’ in Stellarton already drawing attention

Pictured is one of the inflatables used at William M. Sobey Indoor Sports Complex in Stellarton.
Pictured is one of the inflatables used at William M. Sobey Indoor Sports Complex in Stellarton. - Contributed


Bouncy castles, paintball, a zipline that spans a soccer field, and cheap drinks could be the solution for the winter blues.

Jon Visser of RavenMedia certainly thinks so, and the response which he’s received for an event that he created in partnership with the Sobeys Indoor Sports Complex and Bounce Around Inflatables has been enough to tell him that he’s on to something.

“I generally know when something is really catching on,” says Visser. “This took off to the point where I was getting a message every 10 seconds with likes, comments and shares.”

The event is called The Bounce, and it’s taking place on Saturday, Nov.24 at the William M. Sobey Indoor Sports Complex in Stellarton. It’s a natural extension of the family nights that happen there every Saturday, but with alcohol.

“They have their family fun nights with inflatables,” said Visser. “And every now and then we’d hear from the parents that they wished there was something like this for adults.”

“So, we thought, ‘well what if we get a bar involved?’”

Then you get a lot of interest.

Visser first posted the event on Monday, Nov. 5, and within 24 hours it had received 60,000 views.

“We’ve now crossed 100,000 views on the post and we’re getting contact from other provinces about busloads of people coming,” he said during an interview on Wednesday, Nov. 7.

“Safety is always a concern,” says Visser. “We’re putting things into place that will reduce any risks.”

“We’ve got a huge staff on that day,” says facility manager Gary Matheson. “And we do feel that something like this would be good for Pictou County.”

The staff for Family Nights at the complex is usually between 10–15 people to oversee the crowd which usually ends up being a little over 100. So, as interest increases more people might be getting added to the roster for the evening.

Visser is currently considering selling advanced tickets in the lead-up to Nov. 24, and is feeling confident that The Bounce will be more than a one-time thing.

“Before we even open the doors, we know that there’s some longevity here,” he said. “We’re pretty confident that it’s going to continue.”

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