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Fighting colds and the flu

Naturopathic Journey by Lisa McNiven

It's that time of the year when people are filled with sniffles and there isn’t much you can do about the life of a virus but there is something you can do to prevent them from marching into your life. Start by increasing vitamin C during this time of the year. Purchase some anti viral supplements and some respiratory aids such as astragalus, Echinacea, elderberry (this comes in a liquid form and kids love it, mix with water and drink), garlic, and ginger. These aid in strengthening the health of the immune system. Be sure to drink respiratory teas found in the health food section. Using a neti pot for removing excess phlegm is a must. These can be found in the business adjacent to my clinic.

Do a castor oil pack (Layer.oil (rub over area with a few drops of essential oil), followed by hot, damp hand towel, dry towel and heating pad for 30 min)over your chest and maybe add a few essential oils to the castor oil such as eucalyptus. Homeopathic medicines are also great for this condition. Homeopathics include aconite 30CH for the first sign of a cold. If your frontal sinuses are filled up then use Kali bichromicum 30CH at frequency of three up to three times daily. If you are experiencing an abdominal flu be sure to read up on Black Walnut capsules and probiotics . . Probiotics aid in a proper immune system so please add them to your daily protocol.

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