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Glasgow Square to host Hillsburn on Saturday

Hillsburn has recently released a new album, The Wilder Beyond.
Hillsburn has recently released a new album, The Wilder Beyond. - Submitted

The Halifax based band Hillsburn will performing at Glasgow Square Saturday and band members hope to share some of the songs from their latest album, The Wilder Beyond.

The band is made up with a unique mix of musicians. Multi-instrumentalist Jackson Fairfax-Perry plays bass, keys, and saxophone, while scoring the strings and horns for the album’s guest players. Siblings Rosanna and Clayton Burrill complete the vocals, and Rosanna puts her classical training to use throughout, layering violins on many of the tracks. The band’s newest member Clare Macdonald brings understated power to the proceedings. Her drumming is complex at times, direct at others, but never demands undue attention.

Clayton said he is excited about the band’s latest album which was recorded almost entirely in Aarntzen’s apartment.

“There’s definitely things to be said for recording in a studio and it’s just nice to immerse yourself in that setting but you’re always watching the clock,” he said.

By recording it themselves they were able to experiment and play with the songs in a way they might not have been able to otherwise.

“It sounds good,” he said. “It’s extra gratifying knowing that it was an experiment that worked.”

The resulting songs have a lot of the elements fans have come to appreciate in their music, but with some added element including the drums that pulls them a little bit away from their folk roots and closer to indie rock.

The New Glasgow audience can expect a wide range of songs that takes listeners on a bit of a roller coaster – “one that’s well-crafted and in control of course,” Clayton said.

In April, the band will be beginning a month and a half long tour across most of Canada.

For more information about the New Glasgow performance visit Doors open at 7 p.m., show time is at 8 p.m.

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