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Still plan to get to the artichoke

Kathy Golemiec
Kathy Golemiec - Submitted

HEY THERE… IT'S ME KATHY by Kathy Golemiec

How was your week? Mine was a lazy week, my hands still hurt. One more week of a half steroid, then maybe my hands will get back to halfway normal. The weather has been up and down. I’d rather the up since I hate the cold air and ice.

I still get dizzy if I look up or if I pick up something. It's hard to believe that it’s chemo week again next week – it seems like it’s just over then it’s time for another shot.

I'm not doing too good on my weight challenge. My daughter is doing great, but me, ha, with the steroids.

Janet and Dad were over this week to help with the Flea Market. Betty also came in to help with a banana loaf… well, that didn't make it through the day.

Mary is healing well. It will be a bit more of trying to keep her down but she is doing good.

Vicky and I went to healing touch last week, so it will be again this week coming.

Today is Vicky's birthday. I can't tell you how old she is but we are the same age now, ha, so if you see her wish her happy birthday.

I didn't try the artichoke but I will get there. The next super food is whole oats – I like the little bags of it, I usually eat two of those. But I started drinking hot chocolate – that's a no-no, too much sugar.

Another thing to remember: it’s flu season so change your toothbrush often if you have a throwaway one. If not clean it well with a little bleach, or false teeth cleaner may help. Ask the pharmacist for advice.

Every time we turn around they tell us new things to eat and not to eat. This week it’s to reduce blood sugar – eat blueberries, lentils, cinnamon.

Pain-wise – 10 in the hands, everywhere else about 6.

Tired-wise– all the time.

Weight – 150.4, not good.

I will be so happy even if I can get the tingle out of my finger.

I may have to get radiation done on my back – it’s hard to sit anymore.

As soon as my hands get feeling I will be going to Amherst and Wanda will teach Vicky and me to work the serge – always wanted to do that.

Thank you for all the gifts and cards and good vibes and prayers, they mean so much. I'd love more notes, even to say hi, just leave it at the front desk and they will get it to me.

Have a good week folks – and don't think of snow, not even a little bit.

Kathy Golemiec is undergoing cancer treatments and writes about her experiences each week.

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