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Westville Salvation Army Church member plans February coffeehouse


A few weeks ago, Kelsey Cameron was attending a church service at the Westville Salvation Army, when she remembered how much she enjoyed past coffeehouse events the church hosted.

“I thought about how we hadn’t had a coffeehouse at church in a while, and I loved going to those when I was younger,” said Cameron, who decided to take the initiative and organize the event on her own. “It’s very exciting; there are quite a few people who are interested, and we’ve already sold over 50 tickets.”

The Broken Mug Coffee House will have two functions: a fun time for anyone who wants to stop by, and a fundraising initiative to help people attend summer camps in Sutherlands River and a yearly spiritual retreat in Truro.

“We’re hoping to send teens from the Westville Salvation Army to events like the retreat and the summer camps,” said Cameron.

Cameron explained that a few weeks ago she realized the Westville Salvation Army hadn’t come up with any fundraising ideas for their winter retreat, and since “not all the youth at our church have the financial means to go to these kinds of things, I realized we had to get some sort of event to get the money for those youth to go.”

The Broken Mug Coffee House will be a place where guests can dance and listen to some music.

Cameron said a particular biblical passage relating to clay and pottery from Isaiah 64:8 inspired the name she chose for the coffeehouse: “Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.”

“I was thinking of that passage, and that sort of sparked the name, Broken Mug,” said Cameron.
Being at the helm of the preparations for the coffeehouse has been challenging, but Cameron said she has gotten a great deal of support, for which she’s very grateful.
“There have been times where it’s been a bit more challenging,” said Cameron. “But I have a lot of people backing me up through the church, and a lot of people donating items, willing to attend and willing to help out. That definitely made it a lot easier for me.”

Tickets for the Broken Mug Coffee House are on sale at the Westville Salvation Army Thrift Store. The event will take place on Feb. 9 at 7 p.m. at the Salvation Army location in Westville.

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