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Business park rates in Stellarton to be lowered

Briefs from Stellarton town council

Stellarton town council decided Monday to lower the rental rate for lots in the Albion Business Park.

“We haven’t seen much growth over the last couple of years, so we wanted to see what the market value lost was, there,” said Mayor Danny MacGillivray.

The rates for lots will now be $2.53 per square foot for lots with significant highway exposure, and $1.38 per square foot for lots with non-significant highway exposure.

The rates previously were $4.74 and $3.74.

After reviewing the results of a commercial appraisal of the business park at their Nov. 6 meeting, the members of council decided to follow the recommendation of the appraisers to lower the price of the lots to market value as reflected in the new rates.
“It’s been a long time coming,” said Coun. Simon Lawand. “I’ve been calling for this for the last three years. I think it’s a very good move for our town and businesses.”

New bunker gear

The Stellarton Fire Department will need new new bunker suits next year – 32 of them, to be precise. The fire department plans to apply for a government grant to help with the $67,200 total cost of the new suits next year, and the town has agreed to pay the difference.

Chief Dwight Campbell told council the grant would cover up to 75 per cent of the cost of the new suits, adding that his department needs new suits, since the suits they are currently using are rated for 10 years, and that expires next year.
“After 10 years, will these suits still be in acceptable condition?” asked Coun. Simon Lawand.
Campbell said he would not want to see members of the fire department doing their job with suits that are not satisfactory and have reached a point where they are past the 10-year period for which they are rated.

Coun. Garry Pentz said using bunker gear past its 10-year rating would be a liability issue for the town, also adding, “I would like to see, when the 10-year period does come up, that you let the town know, a year prior, so we can plan for it.”


Trail Safety

The Town of Stellarton will be performing a dig at a site near the Albion Trail, to ensure the stability and safety of the land the trail is on.
After a series of geotechnical tests, council was informed that some areas along the trail are prone to sink holes – after that was determined, the town had them fenced off.

“There were a couple of areas that it was best just to fence off, but there’s one area left where we’re going to do some digging, because the radar wasn’t seeing anything conclusive,” said MacGillivray.

Pending the results of that test, the town may be fencing off that particular area, as well.


New clerk-treasurer

The town carried a motion to hire Frank Gallant, a human resources specialist from Antigonish, in the process of finding a new clerk-treasurer.

The town’s current clerk-treasurer, Joyce Eaton, will be leaving her job, and the town plans to consult Gallant in the process of hiring a new clerk-treasurer.

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