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Council wrap up: Local contractor to demolish John Brother MacDonald Stadium

The former John Brother MacDonald Stadium will soon be demolished.
The former John Brother MacDonald Stadium will soon be demolished. - Sam Macdonald


An old community landmark in New Glasgow will soon be coming down. The Town of New Glasgow council voted to demolish the long-empty John Brother MacDonald Stadium.

“I was on council when they closed the John Brother MacDonald Stadium, and it certainly wasn’t something were happy to do, but it was a necessity,” said Mayor Nancy Dicks in a call with The News. “Any time you lose a facility in a community that has a history and fond memories associated with it, it’s, of course, going to be a hard decision.”
Dicks, who said she has fond memories of her time at the stadium, noted that “on the other hand, you have to be practical” given that the arena had been left empty for a long time, and there were other, better potential uses for the land the building is on.

At their June 18 meeting, members of council approved recommendations to relocate the storm pipe in the John Brother MacDonald Stadium gravel parking lot, and to proceed with the purchase and sale agreement with PQ Properties, for the stadium.
After PQ Properties purchases the land officially, that will constitute one of several steps toward the future of that property. The next step will be a development agreement to build where the stadium once stood. The plan is to eventually build a 40-unit age-friendly housing facility.

New Housing

Council will be holding a public consultation on the construction of a new apartment building in New Glasgow, in the coming month. At their regular June 18 meeting, the members of council approved a plan to hold a public consultation on July 16 for the development of a 45-unit apartment complex.

The potential agreement is being pursued by MacGillivray properties. The company is looking for a development agreement to build the 45-unit building at 16-1 Clyde Street.

Summer Street Development

Summer Street Industries is looking to expand its operation to a property it owns at 434 East River Road. In light of this, it is seeking a development agreement with the Town of New Glasgow.
Summer Street is looking to repurpose an existing residential property on East River Road as an outreach to provide services to senior clients. These services include support, resources consultation and leisure programming, noted Coun. Troy McCulloch at the June 18 meeting.

Council will be holding a public consultation for this potential development on the same date as the consultation for the apartment complex on Clyde Street.

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