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Firefighters fundraise for new truck

The Plymouth Fire Department is well on the way to paying off debts on their new truck thanks to their Ladies Auxiliary, who organized a fundraising dinner at the hall Saturday.


Money raised helps fund fire trucks and pay off vehicle debts faster, as well as pay for building costs, with banquets and coffee parties being a major part of Plymouth’s Ladies Auxiliary’s strategy.


“It’s very important. We’re very lucky here in Plymouth that we have the support of the Ladies Auxiliary. In a lot of communities there’s not an active ladies auxiliary anymore,” said firefighter Megan Kenny.


The Plymouth Fire Department has just under 30 members, both males and females, and its Ladies Auxiliary has roughly 20 or so people.


“Both the firemen and the ladies work together all the time,” said Ladies Auxiliary President Lynn Fenton.


The Saturday fundraiser sold more than 300 tickets at $12 per head.


Already, the firefighters have paid off more than $200,000 in debts on their $300,000 truck since they procured it in February.


The Ladies Auxiliary has already managed to raise $40,000 in funds this year for the vehicle.

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