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All-natural Christmas crafts on display in Durham

Vendor Sylvia Love, right, chats with customer Jane Burris from Pictou.
Vendor Sylvia Love, right, chats with customer Jane Burris from Pictou. - Fram Dinshaw

Sylvia Love’s Christmas treats fell from the trees long before going on sale at the Christmas craft fair inside Durham Community Hall Saturday.

Most of her wares were pinecones painted in gold, silver, green and other Christmas colours, crafted together in entire wreaths while other individual ones were displayed for sale in front of curious customers.

“It’s a great community event, it brings everyone together to socialize and it's a perfect opportunity for the locals to buy some Christmas gifts,” said Love, who hails from Central West River.

All of her gifts were washed and dried before being hand-painted.

While she was there to sell her wares, Love also enjoyed watching the community come together and share what they had.

Other stalls offered everything from soaps to tea cozies as Christmas music played in the background. Visitors also enjoyed of hot non-alcoholic ciders to bring out the Christmas spirit.

Many stall owners will be offering their goods to customers at different markets across the county in the run-up to Christmas.

“It’s a great opportunity for local artisans to show their wares and support the community club,” said Love.

Organizers say that more than 100 customers attended the craft fair made up of 12 vendors.

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