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Andrea Paul re-elected as chief of Pictou Landing First Nation

Chief Andrea Paul. FILE PHOTO
Chief Andrea Paul. FILE PHOTO - The Chronicle Herald

Andrea Paul has been re-elected as chief of Pictou Landing First Nation.

The band held its election on Monday, Nov. 27.

Paul said she is very happy for the support she received from her fellow band members.

“I truly enjoy my job. I take great passion in what I do,” she said. “I was glad that there was a vote of confidence to bring me back.”

Band council members re-elected were Dominic Denny, Derek Francis, Haley Bernard, Marsha Phillips and Gordie Prosper. A former band council member, Wayne Denny was also elected. He replaces Barry Francis.

Looking over the past term as chief, Paul said they’ve been able to accomplish a lot including building a new band office and training centre as well as a new fire hall.

She hopes to continue to see growth in the community in the coming years as they work to build a new school which could break ground as soon as next spring. The school will be for youth from day care to Grade 6.

The school has served a vital role in the community because it has allowed youth to continue to learn the Mi’kmaq language.

“We have Mi’kmaq teachers that teach the language every day,” she said. “That’s significant for us because we’re losing our language.”

Another issue, she’ll continue to closely watch is the remediation of Boat Harbour and the proposed replacement plans to build a new effluent treatment facility for Northern Pulp

She said the fishermen in Pictou Landing have some serious concerns about the current proposal and she wants to learn more about the plans to make sure it won’t harm the environment.

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