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Boston Pizza in New Glasgow holding job fair, plans late-summer reopening

The Boston Pizza outlet at Highland Square Mall in New Glasgow.
The Boston Pizza outlet at Highland Square Mall in New Glasgow. - Kevin Adshade


New Glasgow’s Boston Pizza outlet seems to have a new lease on life.

The restaurant closed late last summer after being open a little more than a year, and a job fair is being held today (July 19 from 3-7 p.m.) and July20 (10 a.m. until 3 p.m.) to attract potential employees.

Curt Stephens, area operations manager with Boston Pizza, was one of five company representatives on hand to conduct interviews, collect resumes and meet job candidates.

“The date (for reopening) hasn’t been determined yet,” but said, adding that there is a tentative target date of late summer.

“End of August, September perhaps.”

He doesn’t seem concerned that last year’s sudden closure, which threw dozens of workers out onto the street, will have a negative impact in the public consciousness.

“It’s been purchased by an organization that has other Boston Pizzas. We purchased this restaurant with the full support of Boston Pizza (corporate offices). Moving forward, we’re optimistic that we’ll be a solid operation in the community (and) we’re happy to be in the neighborhood.”

He said former employees would be more than welcome to come in for interviews.

“We’d love to have them re-apply,” Stephens said.

“They’ll certainly get special consideration, for sure”, due to their previous experience. “We’re hoping for a big turnout.”

He said they expect to hire between 70 and 80 employees.

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