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Buy and sell of used hockey equipment starts today at mall


NEW GLASGOW – The Kinsmen annual Hockey Buy and Sell starts today at a new location.

This year, the sale that allows anyone with used hockey gear to sell it, will be held at Highland Square Mall from Sept 15 to 17 and Sept 22 to 24.

Joel Dove, co-chairman of the event said space was available in the mall so the group jumped at the chance.

“With us in the mall we are looking at getting more people up and have more room to show all the gear,” said Dove.

“We will sell anything that is involved with hockey,” said Dove. “It doesn’t matter the condition as long as it is still useable. As long it will pass inspections, it is fine.”

The Kinsmen have been hosting the event for more than 20 years helping parents and players who may not have the money to buy new hockey gear.

Dove said anyone can bring their gear; they just have to provide some information about what they are selling and the price.

The buy and sell starts tonight at 6:30. For more information call Dove at 752-0024.

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