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UPDATE: Cat that was stuck in tree in New Glasgow yard now missing

Rocky the cat has been in this pine tree for more than 24 hours.
Rocky the cat has been in this pine tree for more than 24 hours. - Adam MacInnis

UPDATE: 12:20 p.m. Sept. 25.

It appears that Rocky has found a way down from a pine tree on Elm Street in New Glasgow – but just where he is, is a mystery.

Rebecca MacLean said the New Glasgow Fire Department came by later on Monday to see if they could assist in recovering the cat, but by that time he had moved out of sight. When they returned to offer more assistance Tuesday morning, Rocky was no where to be found. The fire department used a thermal gun to see if they could pick up the presence of the cat higher in the tree, but could not locate him. 

MacLean said she had put out food near the tree and it is gone, so she believes that Rocky may have come down. 


A rescue cat appears to be stuck in a pine tree on Elm Street in New Glasgow.

Rebecca MacLean was transporting a young cat named Rocky from the car into her house when the carrier fell apart and the cat ran away.

They saw it later beside a bush in their neighbour’s yard but it got spooked and ran up a tall pine tree. That was at around 3 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 23.

MacLean said she is worried that the cat isn’t able to come down because it has extra toes which she thinks might impact its mobility.

MacLean’s mother Darlene Taylor said she’s tried getting a ladder up on the tree but it doesn’t reach high enough. She also called the New Glasgow fire department, but they said they don’t get involved with these types of incidents.

MacLean said she’s quite concerned because the temperature is going to be dropping overnight.

If anyone is able to help get the cat down, MacLean said they can contact her at (902) 754-3145

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