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Community gathers for unveiling of silhouette, open house for Pictou County Silent Witness

NEW GLASGOW – International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate and honour women, which is why the local chapter of Silent Witness chose to unveil their tribute to all women who have been victims of domestic violence on Sunday.

The Pictou County chapter of Silent Witness unveiled their first silhouette on International Women’s Day, which recognizes women who have suffered from domestic violence. Pictured are board members New Glasgow Regional Police Const. Kelly Moore-Reid and Bonnie Davidson. AMANDA JESS – THE NEWS

At least two dozen people came to the Pictou County Women’s Centre on Sunday as part of an open house for the Pictou County chapter of Silent Witness and for the unveiling of their Remember Me silhouette, which represents women who have been murdered by a partner and haven’t received justice through the court system, whose cases are unresolved, or are missing.

“We chose today because of the importance of what we do and the importance of the Remember Me silhouette because it’s for all women and International Women's Day is for all women. There are so many women who aren’t with us today, so we’re able to bring them with us,” chair Donna MacGregor said.

Though women locally aren’t necessarily fighting the same battles as women in other parts of the world, it shows there are still struggles in Canada, Kelly Moore-Reid, treasurer, said.

“There’s still bridges we have to gap and this brings that importance back home that we do face our own challenges with the justice system and awareness in our community. I think today is a very important event for everybody.”

The wooden, red silhouette, made with help from students and a teacher at North Nova Education Centre, is the chapter’s first one with another in the works that will tell the story of a woman from Pictou County that they’re hoping to have finished in the spring.

“We’re only able to do silhouettes for those that have been convicted or it’s deemed a murder-suicide. For all those women who are murdered, but don’t fit into that, we do a Remember Me, as well as for all the missing women in Canada and Nova Scotia,” MacGregor said.

Since 1990, there have been four women murdered from Pictou County at the hands of their partner, MacGregor said.

They hope the creation of silhouettes helps in the healing process for their families.

Moore-Reid noted that though the nameplates talk about what happened to each woman, they also tell their story, and talk about who they were.

They’re also hoping the silhouettes will raise awareness of their group.

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