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Compost giveaway this week at Pictou County Solid Waste

Keegan Hughes and Molly O’Brien fill up a compost bag at the Pictou County Solid Waste site in Mount William on Monday afternoon.
Keegan Hughes and Molly O’Brien fill up a compost bag at the Pictou County Solid Waste site in Mount William on Monday afternoon. - Kevin Adshade

Remember all those scraps you’ve been tossing in your green bin? Pictou County Solid Waste is ready to give them back to you.

This week residents can get free bags of compost that’s been made from the contents of green bins collected in Pictou County.

Throughout the week between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. residents can get two free bags of compost per household, while supply lasts at the Mt. William facility, 220 Landfill Rd., Mt. William.

Regional co-ordinator Susan MacDonald said it’s a popular event every year. Last year they gave away approximately 1,000 bags and sold an additional 700.

“It can be used for vegetable gardens or for flowers or sort of a dressing for people who are putting down grass seed,” she said.

People also need not be concerned about the contents of the compost.

“It’s all lab tested,” she said. “We can provide people with an analysis of what’s in the compost.

Visitors should bring a shovel and come prepared to fill their own bags.

People are asked to reuse their bags from last year when possible but Pictou County Solid Waste will provide bags if needed.

For those who would like to buy additional compost, it is being sold for $2 if you use your own bag or $2.60 if you purchase a bag.

MacDonald said most people are happy to get a return for all the work they’ve put into sorting their garbage.

“It’s kind of a thank you for composting properly,” she said. “They see the product of their work. It’s quite interesting to hear the comments from people about how much luck they’ve had with it and how good it is.”

In other news, Spring Cleanup starts this week and will continue until May 18. During this time, residents can put up to 20 extra items out on their regular garbage day.

Clear bag rules still apply for this collection. An item is considered one object, one clear bag, one bundle or one container. Residents are allowed up to five loose items. Bundles must be tied and not exceed four feet in length. Microwaves are accepted in this cleanup. No metal items are allowed and no mattresses, tires or furniture.

Paint or other household hazardous materials are also not being accepted during spring cleanup but can be dropped off to the Mt. William or other collection sites.

A household hazardous waste and shredding event will be held on June 7 at the Pictou County Wellness Centre as well.

Spring leaf cleanup will also be held from May 28 to June 8 on regular collection days. Residents are allowed any number of bags as long as they are clear, orange or compostable.

During the month of May Pictou County Solid Waste will extend its Saturday hours to 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

MacDonald said she hopes people take advantage of these opportunities rather than illegally dumping garbage.

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