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County council ponders possible improvements to collision-prone Trenton connector intersection

County council believes the Abercrombie/Trenton intersection is a problem, but it doesn’t have a solution how to make it better.

A recent collision at the busy intersection has sparked another discussion from councillors Monday on what can be done to make it safer.

“There is a lot wrong with that intersection, especially on the side of the connector,” said Coun. David Parker. “There is a short light and the warnings are ineffective.”

County council has written the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure multiple times asking for it to examine the area closely in hopes of putting further safety measures in place.

Following a fatal collision in December, council contacted the province again, and Transportation Minister Geoff MacLellan told council that its department does conduct periodic checks on all of its roads and bridges.

This answer didn’t satisfy council and now it asking again for answers after another collision occurred in the same area earlier this month.

Some councillors suggested a roundabout might be the only way to slow traffic down and safely negotiate the intersection. They agreed that the province needs to come personally to look at the area and the community needs to let it know that it is a concern.

Coun. Darla MacKeil suggested that the county might want to consider putting its new electronic speed signs near the intersection as a way to make motorists aware of their speed.

Staff said it would have to look into the rules for the electronic signs because it was unsure if they can be placed beside a 100-series highway.

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