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Entrepreneurs video launched at Small Business Week event

NEW GLASGOW - A video that celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of New Glasgow and Pictou County was launched last night during a Small Business Week event hosted jointly by the Pictou County Chamber of Commerce and the Town of New Glasgow to recognize the significant impact of small businesses to the economy.

The video features three of the region's entrepreneurs who have succeeded in export and/or innovative product delivery: Jim Fitt, president of Velsoft, Scott MacEachern, president of Stark International, and Christina Fletcher, co-owner of the restaurant Get Stuffed Healthy.

The video was produced locally by Yvette Turnbull of Pictou County, owner of Ocean Fire Production Services, with support from Velsoft and the Town of New Glasgow.  

The video presentation attempts to highlight business experiences as told by these three enterprising and successful entrepreneurs in an integrated and impactful format.  

Future vignettes are planned that will further showcase more of the entrepreneurial and business personalities behind Pictou County.

"These entrepreneurs are shining examples of business acumen and progressive business strategies in practice," says Jack Kyte, executive director of the Pictou County Chamber of Commerce.

Ocean Fire Production Services was founded by Turnbull (Poirier) this past spring. Yvette studied Screen Arts at NSCC in Halifax, graduating in 2004. She has worked mainly as a production manager on the Halifax film industry scene, managing various short films and TV commercials. Yvette has strong ties to her home of Pictou County and decided to combine her passion for film-making with her passion for her community.  

She believes we live in a great place, one that we should be proud of, and she wants to do her part to celebrate our people, our achievements, our quality standards, our products and services, and show the world.

New Glasgow's director of marketing and communications, Kim Dickson, describes the video as authentic story telling by inspiring entrepreneurs that captures and reflects the enterprise and imagination demonstrated, time and time again, by Pictou County's entrepreneurs.

“There is a history of entrepreneurial spirit that is embedded in the character and history of Pictou County and this video launch is just the beginning of new ways we plan to share and celebrate these successes. There are so many more stories to be told,” Dickson says.

The video will be featured on social media and other marketing avenues by the Pictou County Chamber of Commerce, the business community, and the Town of New Glasgow, as well as through the support of other community and business partners. 

The video may be viewed at:

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