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Former business being remodelled as accountant office


Carpenter Jason Mahar works on an addition being added to the former Arsenault Monuments building on East River Road. The building is being transformed into an accounting office.

NEW GLASGOW – Driving down East River Road you may have noticed construction is in progress at the former Arsenault Monuments location across from the Aberdeen Business Centre.

The property is being renovated by Kevin MacDonald, a chartered accountant, who plans to open an office there in January.

MacDonald currently works as a partner with AC Williams MacDonald Inc., but said he has decided to start his own firm, which will employ eight or nine people.

He hopes to have it open in time for tax season coming up, he said.

“That’s the whole point of the first of January,” he said. “It’ll be a little bit less stressful that way.”

He said they have to do fairly extensive renovations to get the building to look the way he wants it with a reception and waiting area as well as offices.

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