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Former nurse lives dream of opening business downtown

Pam Ford decorates a tree in her downtown business.
Pam Ford decorates a tree in her downtown business. - Fram Dinshaw


In the two weeks since taking over a second-hand fashion store in downtown New Glasgow, Pam Ford has enjoyed a roaring trade.

Her business, which continues to operate temporarily with the name InMint Consignment Boutique, specializes in high-quality second-hand women’s clothing and also sells jewelry and shoes.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve done medicine all my life so I’ve worked in a hospital for 25 years and then another 14 in medical sales, post-vasectomy and that sort of thing,” said Ford, a former nurse. “It was just time for a change and this is my leap of faith.”

In between fixing up her store’s Christmas tree, Ford told The News that her store takes consignment orders from women who bring in their clothing for her to sell.

Clothes come in all colours, styles and sizes and include blouses, dresses, pants, jackets and other accessories such as purses.

Many items of clothing and accessories are from major fashion labels.

As for the jewelry, it features new products, real stones and is priced under $200.

Ford plans to keep her new store running for as long as possible, having enjoyed a promising start in the build-up to Christmas.

She described her first two weeks of business as “crazy.”

And she bounced back fast from a bout of flu to keep her store running at full throttle.

“I plan to have it running for as long as I possibly can. This is my retirement package,” said Ford.

Presently, Ford and her staff are running a competition to figure out a new name for her business.

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