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Foundation on sound footing to continue support of local health care

NEW GLASGOW – The Aberdeen Health Foundation has a strong financial outlook that will continue to support and improve health care in Pictou County for years to come, says the chair.

Susan Green, chair of the foundation, said 2014-2015 has been an exceptional year for the non-profit organization that funds equipment purchases and program initiatives to the Aberdeen Hospital.

“We have a great relationship with the community and are truly blessed by that,” she said during the annual general meeting Thursday in the hospital’s boardroom. 

Since its inception in 1986, the foundation has provided $16 million worth of equipment for the Aberdeen Hospital through its campaign amount, including the $2.4 million committed in 2014.

Green said $1 million was spend on the enhancement of medical equipment and an additional $1.5 million was designated to the new emergency and pharmacy redevelopment project in the form of a state-of-the-art monitoring system. This past year has been the foundation’s largest annual commitment to date.

She added that because of a donation of $8 million from the Frank and Irene Sobey Foundation, in additional to the hard work of the foundation’s investment committee, the capital campaign has grown over the years from $5 million to $40 million in 2014.

“With the pending arrival of the Nova Scotia Health Authority on April 1st, we will experience significant challenges to the delivery of health care in Nova Scotia,” she said. “Thanks to the foresight of the past foundation directors, who undertook the foundation’s restructuring in 2009, and thanks to the generous, ongoing financial support of individuals, businesses and community groups in Pictou County, those with close connections here, the Aberdeen Health Foundation is well positioned to meet the challenges and embrace the opportunities this evolution will create.”

She added the foundation has adopted a new strategic plan that it hopes will ensure the state-of-the-art hospital equipment, wellness programs and services accessible to local residents for years to come.





Capital equipment approvals

Operating room: minimally invasive suite $252,000 (50 per cent funded by the Aberdeen Hospital Auxiliary)

General hospital: New beds to enhance patient care and reduce bedsores (75 per cent of the costs covered by the Department of Health, $28,201 by the foundation)

Pharmacy: Pharmacy safety and automation enhancements for Pixis $45,349 (Department of Health to contribute $40,763)

Ophthalmology: YAG laser and Ophthalmic microscope $220,400

Critical Care: Portable ultrasound, Bipap Monitors, defibrillators $96,826

Pre-Op: Mini C arm X-ray unit and surgical retractor system $110,339

Lab: Urine analyzer, bacteriology incubator and support equipment – $103,466

Mat/Children: Infant radiant warmer, non-invasive blood pressure, fetal monitor – $62,000


Palliative Care Unit Endowment Fund: Educational retreat $8,500

Sandbar Mental Health Endowments

Client directed trips: $5,000

Recreation therapy: $2,000


Redevelopment of the emergency room and pharmacy

Patient monitoring system for current ER and ICU: $1,264,200

Monitors for ER expansion: $245,000

The funding for this equipment will be provided over the next four to five years.


Children’s Aid Society Endowment Fund – $28,868

PIctou County organizations that benefit from this funding included Kids First, Pictou County Early Intervention, Tearmann Society, Big Brothers Big Sisters Pictou County and West Pictou Consolidated School’s life skills program.


A CAS Legacy Fund funding was approved for a natural outdoor playground at New Glasgow Academy.


Healthcare Support Committee funding that enhances patient care for Pictou County residents by supporting training and education – $39,250.

Examples of requests: Pharmacy conference for pain management and best possible medication history

Environmental services management

Mental health, public health, addiction services and rehabilitation services for conferences dealing with topics such as high risk teens, health for all, building culture and capacity.

Art for hosting for seniors managers

Diagnostic imaging for MRI training, X-ray safety

Emergency department management conference

Oncology pediatric chemotherapy administration and annual conference

Honorariums of $2,000 each to support three co-op summer students  for PCHA career focus. 

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